New baby chicks this week!

I love to go along to pick them up at the post office! I love to see people smiling!

On baby-chick morning (nearly every year around this time) the phone rings, and a voice tells us our delivery has arrived. The voice is smiling. The package is chirping! We can hear it in the background.

The call usually comes early. But sometimes we wait and wait, and wonder. We suspect the post office people are peeking into the box, poking in a finger to feel the downy softness, and don’t want to let the cuties go, especially on a bleary Monday.

Who can blame them?  When we finally get the call and head to the P.O., I can’t wait to get home and take off the lid…

Out in the coop, one at a time, they come out of the box.

Each beak gets dipped in their water container to acquaint them with it. (Sorry no photo. Cramped quarters.)

In no time they’re pecking food and toddling about. Delightful and amazing! Such fun!