Last night we had a new experience: a robotic telephone call, an automated warning: not to go out on the road!

We complied. We’d already read the river flood advisories and the flash flood warnings and decided to cancel our anniversary dinner out, and just scare up some food from garden and fridge. But we did go out on the land (squoosh, squoosh!), when the torrents diminished temporarily to a gracious drizzle: up the washed-out driveway and around the ravaged garden, to survey the damage.

We’ve been living on a soaked sponge for some time, and all those recent deluges tipped the balance. This has been the worst soil saturating and flooding I’ve ever witnessed since living here. Yesterday the trickling-brook-turned-roaring-river was banging the boulders together so hard, they kept sounding like booming gunshots. The downpours themselves roared, on and on. In the middle of last night came a loud cra-a-a-ack-ing sound, awaking us both: an uprooted tree going down. And we’ve had day after day of nothing but gray.

So, today, a little light-hearted collage, as antidote to the heavy-handed weather we’ve been enduring:

Originally, I thought of this mixed media page as addressing myself, but now I think of it as an anxious plea to the orb represented on it. [To create the page I used old scrapbooking papers I wanted to get rid of, stencils, paint, marker, and a little glitter.]
These two pages start a new kind of journal I’ve just begun trying out (because my previous journal ran out of blank pages). I got my inspiration from this YouTube video, and found myself really enjoying the format.
And this is the start of today’s journal page.The next line I was about to write was to express my greatest felt need, as I did at the top of the two previous pages. And I think you can guess what I plan to write after “I need…”?


When I waited for light, there came darkness. -Job 30:26

2 thoughts on “Longing for Light

  1. So sorry for your uncalled for soaking. May the sun/son shine on you and your family and bring you safely through to the other side. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Hazel. Actually, so many people around us have suffered much worse flood damage and loss than we. And I know your area has had its share of weather woes. Hope all is well now on your side of the continent! Blessings to you. 🙂

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