Yes, I’m buried in the blizzard. And since many of you who read may still be thus buried, I’d like to share my “To-Do’s Day” list for yesterday, right out of my journal, barely edited. It was a good day, a lovely day, all in all…

To Do Today:

  • Enjoy a Snow Day! It’s 9:45 AM, DST, and we have not had a vehicle pass on the road in hours! The snow plow has not come at all, and it’s a little hard to tell just where the road is anyway. There are no tell-tale tire tracks or indentation ghosts of them. It is an official Snowstorm, slated to become a blowing blizzard. On such days, I stay warm and cozy in my fluffy robe longer than normally “acceptable,” dawdle and dally more, loving it! (Thank You, Father!)
  • Stand at the kitchen window where the suet cage hangs, and watch the birds outside—with all the kitchen lights turned off, to keep the secret seclusion of shadows.
  • See how fat Mama Cardinal (over on the maple branch) has made herself look, in her down-filled coat, manufactured by her own feather ruffling-fluffing. (Think how you might find more warmth from some of your own feather fluffing.)

  • Stand still and quiet, face propped by elbows resting atop counter close to the window—a foot away is good—and watch while the chickadees and juncos cling to the outer sill beneath your view, retrieving seeds the bigger birds have scattered there as they attacked the frozen suet to free up breakfast. Do not move except to smile when a tiny soft-feathered head peers over the window frame right in front of your shadowed face.

  • And enjoy, enjoy, their antics.
  • Do a load of laundry or two, laundry room door closed to muffle the noisy washer. It’s a good day to catch up while otherwise dawdling—at least until the power fails later, if it does.
  • Alternate little tasks that just strike your fancy: like tidying the table-linens drawers in the kitchen, inspired by husband’s major clothes closet purge. Think about the 80-20 rule like you did with your own clothes closet… Alternate inviting tasks like these with sit-down sessions to catch up in journals. (Yes, plural. I’ve got four, no, five, going at once right now, though I usually stick to just one…)
  • Do a bit of collage; messing with texture paste and images clipped from magazines and junk mail that caught your heart and may speak a message your words or conscious thoughts could not.
  • Thank God for all the blessings:
    • the warm house
    • the hot water
    • the so-far enduring electrical power
    • the alternative power the generator provides if the grid fails
    • the good hot coffee
    • the well-stocked supply of smooth-writing gel pens and materials over which to glide them, forming words and thoughts and aspirations…
  • and so on…


2 thoughts on “A Happy Snow Day To-Do List

  1. Too much of anything is not good. LOL Sorry about your too much snow. We had too much rain here, but today the sun shines !

    1. I hope you are not still getting too much rain. That really *was* too much! The sun is shining here, now, too, and we are all dug out (till tomorrow. More snow.) And it’s supposed to warm up a bit next week. Yay! Spring will be much appreciated around here, when it finally decides to arrive. A happy springtime to you, Hazel!

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