Five Minute Friday Prompt word is “middle,” and I’m drawing a total blank.

So I guess I’ll just have to write jibberish for five minutes. Here goes:


Middle, middle, monkey in the middle.

That’s what I think of being in the middle.

Tomorrow I’m driving a long trip solo on unfamiliar highways with no GPS or smart phone on board. Only me as my own navigator and printouts from Google to check now and then. I’ve been tense, but I want to go. I’ve found a silent Christian retreat that’s reachable, and I’ve longed for one of those for years.

I don’t mind being in the middle of a bunch of people who have the same purpose as I, of drawing closer to God in silence. With such an objective, we’ll likely give each other space, even as we function together. And I certainly don’t mind being in the middle of the 100 acres of woods that the retreat grounds occupy. But in the middle of heavy traffic in strange territory where I have to find my way…? No. Not that middle!

My mommy once told me, “Keep out of the pack. When you’re driving, keep out of the “packs” of cars, jamming up together. Speed up or slow down to avoid being jammed in amongst them, especially in an aggressive driver zone. And I follow that as much as I can. (Because my mommy was smart.) But sometimes the traffic’s too heavy. Hope I can tomorrow. It makes for much more serence driving. Serene? Well, closer to it anyhow.

As I drove on my last trip, I was thinking about this, and how keeping out of the middle of the pack is a good idea in life as well as on the road. Companionship is wonderful, but a large agitated crowd…? Not usually so nice. I’ve seen mob mentality more than once, and it wasn’t pretty. My mommy gave me advice on this kind of pack, too. She said if I ever saw a mob/crowd forming, to head the opposite way. And like I said, my mommy was smart.



Gibberish? You decide.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Monkey in the Middle

  1. I enjoyed your many takes on middle. It can truly mean so many things. Praying that you have safe travel and get replenished at the retreat.

    1. Thank you, Latonya, especially for your prayer. My trip turned out to be “exciting,” among other things, and I needed all the prayer I could get. Well worth the travel difficulties, though!
      (I see I never posted the reply I wrote you days ago. My apologies. God bless!)

  2. A lot of good advice here. No gibberish. Mommys are full of wisdom. Just in case you get “stuck”in the middle on your trip, know that Jesus will be there too. And enjoy the silence you find on every side. He’s in the middle of our unspoken words. Visiting from fmf #31.

    1. Guess what, Mary? I did get stuck in the middle–of a long line of stopped cars on what was supposed to be a short cut. And I definitely know He was with me. It turned out to be an adventurous drive, in several way. Also, I really like what you said: “He’s in the middle of our unspoken words.” It’s fascinating to discover how effective communication can be without spoken, or even written words–between people, and between God and people (and I’m a “word person”!) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I have a smart mother, too, and Daddy was. I’m so glad that you are taking this trip, and will be praying that is anything but a middle-of-the-road experience for you. I know God will reward you richly in His sounds of silence. Middle! I think of mediocrity when I think of that word, but it doesn’t have to be (or expanding middles, for some reason–as in too much Holiday goodies). 🙂 Onward, Sylvie.

    1. Definitely no middle-of-the-road experience, Lynni! The getting there to the retreat was so full of hindrances, obstacles, and difficulties, I almost gave up and didn’t go. “Arduous” is an appropriate adjective. I have had to wonder why, and who was behind all those troubles. I know one thing: it wasn’t God. My! His presence there was palpable! I thought of you and your upcoming trip–much. Prayers for God to clear the way ahead of you!

      1. Oh Praise God!!! He was faithgful, and so were you. I’d so love it if you’d consider emailing me your experiences (if they are not too personal). I’m trhilled for you, reall y.

        sorry for typos. rushed.

    2. Will be emailing you, Lynni, once I get some things processed through journaling. Thanks so much for your encouragement, and prayers!

  4. Wise words- definitely not gibberish! I hope you have a wonderful time on your retreat- I’d love to do something like that one day too. I also relate to the anxiety about driving on busy or unfamiliar roads. Praying it all goes well for you.

    1. I did have a wonderful time, Lesley. The time flew so fast that I felt I had only begun when it was over. Want to go back to another in March, if possible, and pick up where I left off with this one. Thank you so much for your prayer. I knew people had to be praying for me, and was so very grateful. Hope you get a chance at something like this one day, too.

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