A To-Do List for the Autumn/Winter “Creativity Room” (see last post for the reason for this):

  1. Make a mini indoor “herb plot”:
  • Dig up a pot of chives from outside
  • Ditto one of parsley
  • Ditto a tiny lavender shrub
  • Start a new pot of thyme
  • Ready the container-grown rosemary plants to be moved in, come cold weather
  • Paint the bottom shelf in the crafts room, under the “grow lights” (fluorescent—which you can replace with true grow lights later)
  • Find or buy something to serve as nice (white?) planters, to contain all the above
  • Arrange above plants on shelf under light.

2. Add some color and flowers:

  • Trim down the impatiens to make them less leggy
  • Use these cuttings for floral arrangements now
  • Pot up some of the impatiens plants later, and take inside
  • Place these in center of plant shelf, amid indoor mini “herb garden”
  • Repeat these steps with colorful coleus plants.
  • Pot up the pinky “Polka Dot Plants” (really house plants sunk this year into the garden) and move them inside for winter
  1. Incorporate some vines:
  • take cuttings from ivy and vinca
  • hold in water temporarily
  • plant in pots or hangers, twisting and fastening atop the ground for fuller plantings
  1.  Throw in a bit of outer-space-like whimsy:
  • simply bring in the planting of succulents
  • find a special container in which to place their pot, more fitting in whatever room they’ll “board in”
  1. Enjoy these each day
  • Take time to smell the fragrant, feast your eyes on the beautiful, look closely at the details, and giggle over the quirky
  • Especially important: consider their Designer and His amazing  creativity, wisdom, and even whimsical humor!

What a celebration of His amazing creation!


2 thoughts on “How to Enjoy the Natural Creation Inside When Winter Tries to Keep it Outside

  1. Sylvia- I have really enjoyed this series on creativity. And ways to engage with the Creator indoors or outdoors…I like the ideas of growing herbs indoors.

  2. Hi Kel! It’s really good to see you here. I’ve been looking for you on your blog. So happy to see you there again, too. Also glad that you left your comment where you did, drawing my attention to uncompleted tasks! I have to get to them out there today and tomorrow because after that, say the forecasters, down goes the temp. I’ll let you know how the herbs do inside. I’ve puttered with this a time or two before and they kind of just sat there or got too leggy from lack of light. I’ll have these under (sort of) grow lights. So we’ll see!

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