It has long been my routine—even habit—to journal five gratitudes daily. Recently I began recording them as “gifts,” and then selected from the five “The Gift of the Day.” Seeing the FMF prompt word this week was “surprise,” I realized how often surprises have popped up before me lately, making me halt, note and reflect, usually smile, often even laugh—out loud—things I could consider “surprises from God.” And I began wondering if each day might hold a special surprise.






IMG_1934.JPG copyDrawing back a sun-warmed curtain one recent morning to behold a silver coating of heavy frost spread over all the grass beyond… Another day to suddenly behold unexpected fog or an amazing sunrise at its peak… Yesterday as I perched on the stool in my craft room, I was surprised by the crisp clear sound of yet another new bird song, unseen outside behind my back. (Third unaccustomed one this month, and the early spring kind—quite different from the winter calls or silence)… The day before, the friend I haven’t seen in ages appearing before me at one store’s entrance where we exchanged happy words and memories and a warm hug—and then again in another parking lot, both leaving a different store… The times the Bible has fallen open to exactly the answer I needed to the question I’d been just before bringing to God… I suppose even drawing back a curtain to be confronted by a wasp I nearly put my hand on is a surprise to note; nothing delightful, but a “happenstance” with a possible parable to consider before charging into a day of action I hadn’t run past God first.

Lots of surprises. Maybe even one each day?

I think in the week ahead I’ll keep a lookout. If I don’t, it could just be that surprises will happen that I rush right past and don’t see, or don’t notice because I’m looking down rather than up. And then I’ll start recording surprises also, maybe even a daily “Surprise of the Day.”

Join me?

6 thoughts on “The Surprise of the Day?

  1. love this. the photos, the surprise thought. I, too, love the birdsong this time of year. Yes I will join you and be alert for surprises. may yours be of the pleasant kind.

    1. Thank you, Laurie. I have had eight surprises already today!! And all of them pleasant. And one an answer to anxious prayer, just giving assurance that I can trust God in a matter I have rolled over to Him. Never expected to see so many so quickly. But maybe I just don’t have my eyes open to the possibility enough…
      You, too, Laurie: may you have many surprises—and only of the pleasant kind!!

  2. Sylvia- love this idea…I am away from my daily routine and have spotted several gifts and surprises as my husband I journeyed to visit family out west…like how much the mountains move me…even as much as the ocean does…a green oasis noted from the sky in the dark brown desert scape surrounding Vegas…various characters and seemingly disparate culture in old Sacramento …fun colorful coffee sleeves at the hotel than I can use in my junk journals…I’m looking for more surprises today!

    1. Kel, I am delighted! One of my surprises of today is to see two people (two of my favorite people, I might add) already jumping to this invitation. Can’t wait to see what “surprises” unfold before us in days to come. What a bunch of beauties you share here! Hope you blog about them. I might run a little follow-up post to this one in a week or so. Many special, and pleasant, surprises to you this week!

  3. Oh, I do think God loves to surprise us! And we may miss some of those grace gifts if we aren’t watching for them…thanks for this delightful reminder to continue counting blessings and writing them down. Surprised by visit and smiles from granddaughters today 🙂

    1. Oh, I agree, Lynn. And the kind of surprise you got I would love–and it would really surprise me, b/c distance and circumstances make those visits fairly rare. May God give you more lovely surprise through this week.

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