If I take the wings of the morning…” –Psalm 139:9

“Mornings are…” (from a journaling prompt)…

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Mornings are

full of surprises

Mornings are when

the sky turns…

oh, who knows?

fiery and fuchsia, sometimes all at once,

sometimes scintillating silver first,

sometimes angry storm-cloud, blue-black scary,

sometimes all peachy and pink and lavender-tinged…

with one peak moment when it all crescendos in the sky,

and if you aren’t there, you miss the show.


Mornings are

the starting point of happenings,

the boat launch,

the launching pad for rocket takeoff,

the warm-up place for the inner Maserati,

the pre-plan warroom for the surprise battles that might pop up later in the day.

And if you aren’t there, you miss the boat.


Mornings are

when the roaring outside the window is there for blowing fog clouds away,

clearing the mind, freeing the soul, opening the heart,

and if you also push open the window

to stand and feel the rush-by, and breathe it in,

in one quick moment

you’re inspired.

Mornings are

when you meet the dawn and God,

when thanks are best born,

then borne out.

When praises prompt promise of the Presence of His Spirit,

in the coming light, till coming night.

Mornings are…

the optimum time for setting your focus,

when blurs become clarity,

and reality

sometimes lights up like the eastern sky.


Mornings are

breakfasts with my best Friend,

feasts not so much on food as wonder,

on answers to my questions,

or on simply sitting silent at His feet.

Confession: I used to be a nightowl.

Now I’m a bird that sings at daybreak.

Like the wrens and the warblers,

I slip out early to perch on the porch and hear

(once the weather warms…)

I still have my moments of dark-time hooting,

but it’s on early-to-bed that early rise thrives;

so I stifle my hoots and substitute

deep breathing, sleep breathing,

muscles melting into mattress.

So, warmed with sleep wrapped in flannel,

I rise and greet the skies

and the Author thereof,

with joy.

Won’t you join me (“on the wings of the morning”)?


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4 thoughts on “The Wings of the Morning

  1. I wrote about mornings too today. I love this line; Mornings are…. When praises prompt promise of the Presence of His Spirit, in the coming light, till coming night.

    1. I love mornings too, Mary! But I guess you could tell. There’s no better time for communion with God–and no better use for those lovely opening hours. So glad we met! Thanks for stopping by to comment.

    1. Hi Pam! I’m so glad these thoughts uplifted you (as thinking and writing them did for me). I’ve been blessed with a daily reserved “front row seat” at “The Morning Show,” right at my bedroom window, and all I have to do is show up there! Not all these photos were taken there, but morning is a wonder, wherever it happens, don’t you think?

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