The [Five Minute Friday] prompt word is “time.”

Oh, a-ho! Time…. Time… I could write for weeks about time. I could write volumes. A whole encyclopedia’s worth… Time has been on my mind. Time was on my mind when I first got up.

It was only 4:14 when I crawled out of bed, rather surreptitiously. Oh, yes, I had to make a bathroom call, but I planned, very certainly, very determinedly, to stay up and awake and seize the moment, actually the next two hours. To spend the next two luscious hours writing, writing, and doing all things writing, as I chose, and possibly even undisturbed.

Writing is one of the things I never “found” enough time for through my life.

Writing is something I put aside for another, a later, time, in deference to other more pressing matters.

Not that I never wrote. I scrolled out a whole 13 chapter book during that time period of my life. But other things were primary, and writely so (that was an auto-error, which I hadn’t intended, but this is free-write Friday when you don’t fix errors like that, and I don’t think it was truly an error, just a Freudian slip that shows how much writing is taking its come-back place in me…) But you can only do so much in an hour, a day, a week, and my days and weeks had “promises to keep, and miles to go before I…” really let out all stops to dedicate, really dedicate, solid blocks of time uninterrupted to writing and all that goes with it, builds it, supports it, enriches it…

But now…!

Is not now the time?

“But how much time do you have left?” you might ask. “You’re no spring chick, you know.”

Or maybe you might not ask it, because you know you have to balance small time allotments for this (or some other personal passion) with massive other, and important, demands on your energy and hours. Maybe only the enemy of my soul would ask a question like that.

But there is a simple answer: “As much time (and strength, and ability) as God keeps giving me.” And right at this time He keeps giving me amazing amounts of all that and more…

“Time is up!” (the buzzer buzzed) But only for Five Minute Friday!

May you have a good. time. this time-filled new year!


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6 thoughts on “It’s High Time…!

  1. Love this, Sylvie, and your Frostian allusion. Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with time, and with writing, if I’m honest. And I’m certainly not sure how many miles I have to travel before I sleep. But surely, I don’t have as many as I did. Now is the time. Now is the day of salvation. Now is time to write the right (pun intended–no slip). Now may I resolve not to let the time and miles slip by.
    Thank you for heeding God’s call to write right now!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Love-hate. Why is that so common with writing? I’d like to explore that more… Meanwhile, getting onto writing right now. So glad you stopped and commented, Lynnie! A richly blessed 2016 to you, too!

    1. Yes, Sylvie, you’ll have to do a timed love-hate write! 🙂 Glad that you ARE writing.

      1. Thanks, Lynni.
        (But I don’t think I’ll do a timed free-write on that in five minutes!…. However, now I’m thinking it might be good to do… in a journal! 😉 )

  3. Time is of the essence, heard that one many “times.” God has given us many forms of time to enrich our lives- so enjoy the time you have.

    1. Thank you, “Slue.” 🙂 Funny you should mention “many forms of time,” because I’ve been working on a follow-up post about two particular ones someone brought to my attention that I think are important to mention, especially right after this one and what happened to me the day I wrote it. Thought I’d have the new one today, but other things called. Tomorrow perhaps. Meanwhile, hope you are having a “good time”!

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