Free-writing on FMF‘s prompt word for today:




my body wants to hide. it feels weighed down and sluggish.

but my soul longs to fly.

I am hidden in these days, often through no choice of my own, through neither the preference of my body or soul…

but that could be good.

A “hide” is a place where you can observe life better than if you were moving about out in the midst of it, disturbing what’s around you with your presence and therefore not seeing it as it really is, maybe even causing it to take flight and go hide itself, where you see nothing of what it is or can be.

That’s a nice thought: that when I don’t really want to hide myself away, yet end up hidden in a sequestered spot, that I’m in a hide, a great observation point.

I think I’ll make my day today one of observation, from my “hide” look and study and perceive and learn.


The baby chicks know: There’s a time to hide and a time to venture forth. I observe them and consider…




These chickies with no mama full of fluffy feathers to bury in and peek out from at timid intervals, still they use their hover to hide in the self-same way. A step on the stairway, the bang of a door, the appearance of a huge human foot, and in they scurry, till they get to know what’s a clear danger and what might be safe…

“Stupid chickens” I’ve heard them called. Yet  in short time they’re far more able than we “highly intelligent” humans to discern when to conceal themselves and when to reveal. Too often we hide when we ought to venture forth, and too often we’re fooled into venturing forth when we would be far wiser to hide.


Thank you, feathered friendies, for your lesson of the morning.

And thank You, Faithful Friend Divine, for being there for us as our refuge and hide, just like a mother chicken (Mt 23:37), and for giving us the instruction and guidance we need for our own discernment, if we take the time to listen and attend (Ps 32:8).


(More Mama Hen Musings on Mindday (Monday))


Q1: Right now, do you feel like hiding or charging forth?

Q2: What appropriate wisdom might God have for you about which to do?


4 thoughts on “To Hide or Not to Hide: Wisdom from Chickens?

  1. For months the cry of my heart has been I want to stay home…yet going to work gets me moving when I might just stay in bed. Looking to the needs of others gets my mind off myself. Wrestling with go or stay….many counselors have just confused me as there’s been as many say one as the other and so I wait. Doing the next thing.

    1. Wait. And do the next thing—letting Him just put the one foot in front of the other. Seems always a wise way to go, Laurie!

  2. I enjoyed your story about the sweet baby chicks and your illustrations. Oh hide me in that ROCK that is higher than I.

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