Bursting through the ice of this unrelenting, bitter-cold, ice-encased winter, I publish a blog post!






Tah-dah! I didn’t know if I’d ever resurface, but here I am, thanks to a Five Minute Friday prompt I decided to go searching for on a whim—which I found here:


I offer few words, as usual with five-minute free-writes (because I’m a lousy typist and poke out letters too snailly), but this tidbit may get your thinker opened up for business anyway, just like the prompt word did mine…



Open.” It was the second word he learned to read. He was two years old.

He was very visual, but that wasn’t the only reason he learned to read that word so young. It was because we were so constantly on the lookout for it whenever on the road.

It was the time of the “gas crisis,” when you didn’t know if you’d have enough gas in your tank to get to work or the grocery store or the doctor… And so when we got in the car and the tank was running low and we’d not found gas for sale, we got searching desperately for the big sign that stations would put out on display when they had fuel: “Open.”

Desperation made for adult motivation that engendered child enthusiasm to join in. How often the little guy in the car seat was the first to spot the announcement and shout it out: “Open!”

I’m thinking about how this dynamic translates to spiritual influence.

But I don’t have any more time to write about it…

here, now.


just think about it. Keep your mind open to it through today, tonight, life…


Only don’t. Stop thinking about it…


10 thoughts on ““Open” for Business!

  1. Good morning! I love everything about this post. It has just brought a big smile to my face. I know several people like to keep writing beyond their five minutes, and that would be okay. But I really like how you said “don’t stop thinking about this.” That’s fabulous. I hope you have a great day.

    (visiting from FMF)

    1. Hi Melinda!
      I’m glad this made you smile. It made me smile to write it. Pretty whimsical, but then whimsical can be just the thing to get us unstuck from a long, iced-in period of inertia. Thanks so much for commenting. It’s good to be back to this free-writing, and meeting new friends like you!
      Blessings to you!

  2. Love this – “Desperation made for adult motivation that engendered child enthusiasm to join in. How often the little guy in the car seat was the first to spot the announcement and shout it out: “Open!”

    1. There’s so much we can learn from little children and what they do, isn’t there, Bobbi? Thanks for visiting!

    1. That’s what it’s been like around here. Everyone hereabouts is going to revel in spring, when (and if!) it ever arrives. Good to hear from you, Hazel.

  3. As soon as I saw Sylvr Pen in my e-mail, I came right over here. I LOVED everything about this post. Those icicles look daunting, but I quickly warmed up when I saw the “second word” scrapbook page. How amazing that you would keep such a beautiful record of you son’s accomplishments! I know how he looks after you now. This gives me a little insight into how that nurturing was sparked in him. Thanks for poking your head up out of the snow for a bit.

    1. Dawn, this feels like a big “Welcome home!” and a warm hug! Thanks. So glad this post brought me out of “hibernation.” The scrapbook spread is from a one I made for my son’s college graduation, entitled “The Unique Education of One Unique American Boy.” It was a big job but a lot of fun to put together. I’m glad I took photos of the pages before I gave it away. I’m sure I get at least as much pleasure from the memories on the pages as said son does. Do you scrapbook? (I know you make your own Christmas cards—with glitter? heh, heh)

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