It’s a mystery, what was causing those computer blackouts.


It’s a mystery, also, what made them go away—almost. (It still happens now and then.)

I had savvy help in my search for the cause, and our best guess was something a little weird, about magnetism and watches. I had been wearing a heavily metallic watch most of the time when I had the trouble.

So I stopped wearing the watch when at my laptop, and the computer started healing.

It’s hard to remember to remove your watch every time you sit down at the keyboard.
So when a loose link turned its band floppy, I stopped wearing mine entirely.

Two major life adjustments!
Much learned.

I’d wanted to cut back on internet time. The blackouts forced me into it.

I’d been seeking God’s guidance on whether to continue blogging, and well, this event, though not the only thing I would let direct me, certainly seemed timely.

I also learned again what life’s like without the internet. (Sweet sigh!) Except for the weather forecast and quick information searches, I was surprised at how little I missed it. I even found myself reluctant to get back to the future after enjoying the past!

What about the blogging? Will I continue? (Smile) That’s a mystery, too—as much to me as to anyone else. Inertia can set in more readily than I’d have guessed. However, momentum can build from just one post, then another, too… And I’m still seeking more insight and direction from God.

But right now, with this little post, I’m here. And in my head a whole conglomeration of posts have been lurking for some time. And it’s autumn, which means (I hope!) a slowdown from all the summer overload. (I don’t know how I could have kept blogging this past summer and not shortchange the most important areas of my life.)

So we’ll see where all these factors lead.

For now, it’s still a mystery…

4 thoughts on “Mysteries All, or How a Computer Glitch Changed my Life

  1. The entire world is full of energy, electricity and magnetism. It is amazing how a little thing like wearing a watch can cause computer trouble.

    1. Pretty quirky, isn’t it, Hazel? If that’s really what was causing the trouble.

      Thanks for visiting. Good “talking” with you again!

    1. Well, hello to you, too, Bobbi! So good to see you here! Hope all is well with you and yours. Many blessings to you!

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