Just making known why I’ve been absent from the blogosphere lately. My dear computer is ailing. I think it has narcolepsy. It “goes to sleep,” and the screen goes dark, and I can’t navigate. Today, wonder of wonders, it’s letting me get this whole message typed and published! But it will be  some time before I will be able to publish posts. In the meantime, God bless you all!

3 thoughts on “Just a Note

  1. I have been missing, of late, too, Sylvia. Where you lack a computer, I lack time. I am so done with full-time work. I am praying my husband and I can retire before the year’s end. God bless you, Dear Friend.

  2. Boot up your computer and press F8 and see if you can operate in safe mode. Robert says your operating system must need to be reset. Try system restore if it is available on your computer. Last resort take to Staples or office supply and pay them to reset your operating system. Hope this helps.

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