[Preface note: My “one word” for 2014 is “aware.” And the first thing I want to grow more aware of is God’s presence in my everyday…]


I was all alone in the house. And it was late and dark and freakishly cold, and the wind was howling wild around the house corners and making moan and clank and bump and bang, and the chill so bad the weather bureau was sounding dire warnings about any time out in it being life threatening.

And when I placed the skillet on the gas burner and turned the knob, the sound was odd and a little pop came, so I flicked it off and tried again…

Then the yellow flame all around,

and then the LOUD “POP!”

and all the lights blanked out but those dim beams on the opposite end of the kitchen, on a different breaker.

Needless to say, I turned the knob to “off” and left it there. A little rattled, a little timid, I fished the “miscellaneous drawer” for a flashlight and headed to the basement stairs to find the tripped breaker and click it back on.

But was everything okay in the kitchen now?

I went back and investigated. I sniffed around and smelled no gas fumes (though I did detect a funny burnt-plastic odor.) I lifted parts from the burner and saw all the black.

What had caused this I couldn’t guess. All I could do was keep thanking God it had ended where it had.

If the house had caught fire…

if I’d had to get out, and get to a neighbor’s…

could I have grabbed enough body and head and hand coverage on the way?

could I have made it to any neighbor on foot in less than fifteen minutes in this wind and blowing snow? (Our houses aren’t close.)

(And, now in further retrospect I wonder: would I have thought to snatch the keys from their hook and go pull open the garage door and see if the car would even start… because even in my right-after-the-fact thinking, this never occurred to me.  So it’s likely I’d have run out the door without them.)

And would any neighbors have heard me pounding on their door, or would they think it was more wind antics?

The intervening hand of God? Who can say that definitely? The breaker blowing may have resulted from some built-in safety feature… I don’t know. I don’t even know why the whole thing happened. Nor does the husband I was doubly glad to see come shuddering, hunched up through the back door later.)

But this I do know. There have been closer calls and nearer misses for both of us. From childhood right up to our recent years. (I could write a series on them.) Amazing uncanny deliverances.

So I choose to class this among them.

And to consider how the adventure of last night heightened my awareness of this other thing I know:

God is with me. Sometimes, like Sunday, His presence is evident in the palpable stillness and uncanny “coincidences.” Most of the time not so clearly. But always there, always with me, wherever I might be, in whatever state.

And I must still be here on earth for some reason, I think, as I review all the close brushes with death.

He has made me… aware.


When, before Him, we prayerfully choose a theme word for a year (or it “chooses” us?), He takes us up on it. And  no matter what the word, He usually has His ways of making us repeatedly aware of it!


Did you pick a “One Word” for 2014?


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10 thoughts on “Sudden Awareness at a Loud Pop

  1. I love the word Aware. If we are too involved in our own life and not looking up to Christ and fully focused on Him, we tend to miss so much. We speed right by things that matter…like the Holy Spirit trying to show us important things. How many times have we missed blessings, answered prayers, been saved from tragedy, I could go on and on. Love your focus on aware. Thank you for sharing it with others so they can also be aware this year. Blessings to you and thank you for visiting me at Pouring Down Like Rain.

    1. Kim, you are so very right. Everyday now I’m becoming more *aware* of what a good word it is to guide me through the coming year. A lot has happened already to underline its importance, and amid the everyday and ordinary and not just the startling. I find distraction from that awareness often comes from even the mundane, and the “good” things and activities. Thanks so much for stopping back. I’m so glad we met!

  2. Wow is all I can say and God is so good. May we always have HIS Awareness that he is there protecting and providing.

  3. My word is “light”. Could it be that my year may help your “aware” year and your being more aware, bring light to my year. Fascinating to think about. Iron sharpens iron.

    1. Yes, Dawn, it certainly could be—since your word for 2013 and how it gave “light” through the year had a big influence on me choosing “aware,” because the priority awareness I want to increase is of “Immanuel, God with us.” Iron sharpening iron. Love it! And you! God bless your 2014, with much light.

  4. Amazing! Love your word and how you are actively looking for it. My word is “seek” and it has been put into action already as well!

    1. Love your word, too, Karmen. Excellent word. That’s what He said, isn’t it? Seek. I think of so many scriptures that tell us the blessing in doing that. May it bless your year! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad we met! 🙂

  5. Aware is a good word, May we always be aware of His presence protecting and guiding us. My word is Abide, as my desire is to abide deeper in Him this year. Thank you for sharing at “Tell Me a Story.”

    1. Abide is an excellent word, Hazel, and I was really thinking along its lines when I chose “aware.” He is always near us, but we (I) can often ignore or forget that, and then am not abiding. May He bless you deeply this year!

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