Somehow you get the impression it all happens at once.

But mostly it’s only catastrophes that happen that way.





What is it you hoped to change, to improve, this new year?

Was it your messy house?

The shedding of pounds?

The removal of a bad habit? 

Or the uncovering of truth?

Flylady can tell you this about your cleaning up your mess: “It won’t happen overnight.”

Weight Watchers can tell  you, you won’t lose those thirty or forty pounds in two weeks!

The experts can tell you, it takes 21-28 consecutive days to form one small routine into more or less of a habit—and that the best way to remove a bad habit is to displace it by a good one.

And I can tell you, awareness of truth comes like the uncovering of that barn roof, as segment by segment, area by area of what lay obscured warms in the light of His word and the movement of His Spirit, and the masking slides away, revealing more and more of the whole and nothing but.


Anything worth the gain is worth the stick-to-it—and the pain.

One small step at a time.


“And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment” (Phl 1:9).

“…We urge and exhort in the Lord Jesus that you should abound more and more, just as you received from us how you ought to walk and to please God” (1Th 4:1).

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen” (2Pe 3:18).


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14 thoughts on “Little by Little = a Lot!

  1. Hi Sylvia! I love the avalanche photos. I could feel the ‘fffwump’ of the snow right along with you!

    Such a timely post for me. I just told a friend yesterday that I needed to lose 50 pounds by next month. Haha. I know it’s not going to happen. But I’m up for the challenge this year. Keep reminding me that it takes time though, ok?


    1. Ceil, my husband coined that word. When I showed him the series of photos, he said, “Oh, you caught it!” and I replied, “So you’ve seen it.” He said, “Seen it? I’ve felt it! I’ve been under it!” Then he added the “fffwump!” I asked how to spell that, and added it to the blog post. heh.
      As for the pounds, maybe we can keep reminding each other—and do accountability checks. I’ve got to lose a bunch myself, and should have gotten started by now. I’ve used the excuse that I have other priorities at the moment, but it’s mostly that I know it’s going to be a process and I must be definitely determined—I did it before, but this time I’ve got to keep to healthy eating afterwards and not put it back on like I was sure I wouldn’t do! Keep in touch!

    1. Good thought, Donna: “Each step matters.” Yes, it does! But because it’s little we tend not to think so and then lose motivation way too soon.

  2. What a beautiful illustration of new truths being exposed by the warmth of His word and nearness of His Spirit!

    Love your words and love the pic’s!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Joe, for bringing me back to this reality, that this is where I will continue to get clearer, more and more fully revealed truths and understandings about a puzzling thing I’ve been impatient about. I want to see and understand it all now, the whole picture, and am catching myself already reverting back to trying to get it all figured out via human reasoning, now! I needed a reminder that the extent of understanding I’ve already gotten hasn’t come by my own brain work apart from Him, but, yes, by the warmth of His word and the nearness of His Spirit. And that in His time, part by part, He’ll show me what I need to see. Timely comment, reminding me to heed my own words!

  3. Having to empty and move my 4 large book cases in order to put down new flooring…was overwhelming until I got a box and just started…book by book and now Dale has to put down the flooring plank by plank….we are aiming to be done by next weekend, around work and dentist appointment, church and birthday parties…but if it takes another week –I’m ok with that. Then we will put the books back one at a time…but I might evaluate as I go…and send some to the library book sale…

    1. I can empathize fully, Laurie. We sat a couple weeks ago, looking at our old leaky, drafty living room floor, both of us thinking that we really ought to do the same thing, and I thought of all the furniture moving… and everything. Meanwhile, I’ve been occupied (off and on) with what I thought of as a very small reorganizing and spiffing up in one corner of the kitchen and am astonished at how long it’s taking to get it all done, and how it’s affected other parts of the house that you’d never guess. Part of it is going through the piles of cookbooks. Same thing. One at a time.
      I also have to translate this into the spiritual realm, realizing I can only gain one insight at a time, only move forward by putting one foot in front of the other again and again—evaluating as I go.

      Blessings on your weekend, and next week!

    1. Hazel, I think I unconsciously used your step by step picture in my last comment! But that’s what forward progress always boils down to, doesn’t it? Thanks!

    1. Simple lesson that we too easily forget, isn’t it, Jean? (At least I do!) I’m glad you came over, too—glad to “see” you again.

    1. I’m glad if this encourages you, Lyli. Thanks so much for providing your good link-up. Blessings on your weekend.

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