I turn the lock to open, push down the upper pane to chin-rest height, and lean thereon, chin and hands, to breathe the sparkling air for a moment. And another moment… And still one moment more.

I realize I’m smiling.



Some things just make me do that. Spontaneously….

… bracing air refreshing my breathing after I’ve been cooped too long…


… fresh snow falling light around my face. (The little girl in me still smiles at this even when the sight begins to weary others.)


… rushing sound across the road, of stone-licking creek-water, swollen by thaw of snow and rain and sleet and slush. (I lean out to hear it better.)

2014-01-05 05.16.22

… buzzy song of “chickadee-dee-dee” hopping in the evergreen, or hanging upside down on the suet cage


… tracks making patterns in the white.

… and bountiful showers of the fluffy stuff, like a couple days ago, coming down so full and heavy someone startles with, “Look out the window!” And you do, and think you’re living in a snow globe…

Simple pleasures, winter wonders, all.

Thanks to the Maker of all good things.

And thanks for the awareness of the slow smile they bring, for this is the kind that often goes unnoticed by the smiler.

What simple pleasures make you smile—when maybe you’re not even aware?


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21 thoughts on “It Makes Me Smile…

    1. So glad snow does that, to you too—and that you realize it! (My “one word” for this year is “aware.”) Thanks for your snowlicious blessing above… and your tea-time post. We do seem to share fondness for the same simple pleasures! Enjoy this day!

    1. Good post, Linda! So true! In fact, such was the case today. I had already written this post, and this particular morning my face didn’t feel like smiling automatically. So I needed to give it a nudge. Usually there’s something near at hand which, given a little attention and appreciative thought, can help a smile along, but if not, well, sometimes we just need to start with the smile and the better feelings will follow along behind.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. And I hope others visit your linked post, to gather its wisdom on this January Monday.

  1. Dear Sylvia
    I have never in my life experienced a White Christmas for Dec. to Feb. are summer months in South Africa. We have very humid hot African summers and I can just feel your delight at the sight of such a fairy tale sight!
    Blessings XX

    1. Hi Mia,
      I have to admit, it’s hard to imagine you sweltering in the heat waves when the wind chill factor here was supposed to reach 35 below zero Fahrenheit (which is about the same number Celsius I think)! It got so cold for a couple days the National Weather warned against going outside at all unless you had to, and then all bundled up all over in layers. Nicer temps now, but no snow. Such a difference, here and there! And each comes with both the good and the bad, doesn’t it? Blessings on your day today! (May the weather hold some kind of blessing, too.)

  2. Such loveliness, Sylvia! It is the little things that fill me with delight. Only, sometimes I fail to slow and savor. The bird feeder is an endless source of joy for me also. Thank you for sharing these sweet photos.

    1. Yep, Laura, when I “tune in” to my inner reactions to notice what gives me delight, that’s what I find: that it’s not the elaborate celebration or contrived ambiance, but some simple thing like rain drumming on the roof, the face of a sleeping child, a chickadee at the feeder, a snowflake. Thank you for your good linkup and for stopping by to comment. God bless!

    1. Hello, Donna. I’m so glad to meet you! I just spent a pretty big chunk of time on your blog, savoring what you said, and thinking we have a lot in common—in addition to loving snow. I especially got a lot out of the post about what an introvert really is, and now have definitely got myself categorized there, too! In the past I thought I must be quite a mix, because I considered myself an introvert, yet can be quite outgoing, but I now see that an introvert can too. Yep, that’s me, too!

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope we see more of each other!

      1. Hi again. I put your link on my blog so I will receive updates of new blog posts. I’ve always been bothered with the word introvert and thought it best to call myself a woman of solitude. Until I actually read that little blurb on the internet one day and decided well, maybe being an introvert isn’t that bad after all !! Pleasure to meet you too!

  3. Sylvia,
    Like you, I love watching snow falling from the heavens–especially the big, fat, wet flakes! Thanks for a lovely post!

    1. And thank you for stopping to comment, Nancy. God’s good blessings on your new year!

  4. What a wonderful perspective to have of God’s creation. That’s the reason He made it! I slept until it was light enough outside to see the queen palm leaves bouncing softly in the gentle breeze. Those are the gifts that are worth more than a number can calculate… I think God made it that way on purpose too… Awesome post and pictures. We have a hummingbird feeder in our backyard too. I love to watch them play… Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I’ve come to believe that, too, Floyd. Especially when I think of how we get delight from watching a child we love delighting in something we did, made, or gave.

      And hummingbirds: I always thought they looked more like they were at war than at play, but my husband says no, they’re playing. (We have feeders, too, but don’t get the wide variety of hummers you might, where you live.)

  5. Here in California we are experiencing a “drought of sorts.” Then a few nights ago, the gentle rain reminded us that God is still in control. At church one gentleman asked us to pray for rain. Pastor stated that long ago his city met in city square to pray for rain, and only a few brought umbrellas. I though about Jesus commanding the storm to cease, and was thinking, why not command rain to come and not go away. It is not wrong to pray for rain, because Elijah did pray many times, and then it came. Snow would be good in our mountains for a good snow pack to feed our rivers.

    1. “…met in the city square to pray for rain, but only a few brought umbrellas”! Rain really delights after a drought, doesn’t it? I’m sitting here wondering now if I had been in that crowd, would I have been one of those with an umbrella? Hope so!

  6. I am smiling right now because of your post and pictures. So much makes me smile…grand children, missionary letters, truth as it falls into my heart to take root. Encouraging post.

    1. Oh, Betty, I’m glad it made you smile, too. There’s a lot to make that smile come, isn’t there, if we just take the time to notice and realize the blessing? Thanks for stopping.

  7. What a beautiful sight! Seeing the snow falling and the cute chickadee would make me smile, too! Sometimes it is the simple pleasures that warm our heart the most!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. That’s what I think, too, Joan, the simple pleasures do seem to warm my heart the most. Thanks much for stopping to comment, and for your link up. God bless!

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