All those delights of which Proverbs spoke, those things which delight the LORD, nudged me to see what else the LORD delights in. In searching, I found more than that. I also found delights for myself, in Him.

First, more that delights Him:

He delights in the obedient heart of the smallest human, more than in the sacrifices even of kings (1Sa 15:22).

He delights in the way of those whose steps are ordered by Him more than in burnt offerings (Psa 37:23)

He delights in the contrite spirit of the repentant sinner far more than in burnt offering (Psa 51:16-17).

He is a God like none other,  Who pardons iniquity, passing over the repented transgression and not retaining anger forever… because He delights in mercy (Mic 7:18).

But this goes two ways. For the person who loves Him and walks in His commandments and ways there is…

delight in the ways of the LORD (2 Ch 17:5-6).

delight in the law of the LORD (Psa 1:2).

delight in the specific commandments of the LORD—even in times of trouble and anguish (Psa 112:1; 119:143)

delight in the others on the earth who are sanctified to God (Psa 16:3).

delight in doing His will (Psa 40:8)

 delight in the abundance of peace (Psa 37:11) 

and delight in the LORD Himself! (Psa 37:4)

How all these delights, both His and mine, warm my heart!

How about you? Do you enjoy these delights?

8 thoughts on “A Few Reflections on More Delights

    1. And thanks back for your comment, Tereasa. It makes me glad I stuck to my task yesterday and got this posted. I love how God does this, gives us just what we need right when we need it (and uses others of us to deliver what’s needed without knowing…) Blessings on your day!

  1. It is so awesome that HE delights in us and then we in turn delight in our God and in his ways! Thank you for this beautiful post!

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    1. Thank you, Shelly. Linking up. Hope I’m linking something appropriate to your intents.

  3. Such lovely observations, Sylvia! Delight – such an amazing concept, that God delights in us – and we can delight in Him!!! I loved looking through Proverbs! Thank you for sharing!

    1. It is awe-evoking, isn’t it, Mary, when you think about it? (Sorry I didn’t put references in that last post. It would have made it easier to find the Lord’s “delights”…)

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