It’s been a while…

But last week I thought what fun I used to have taking on Ashley Sisk’s weekly photo challenges. So I hopped on over to her site to see what she was up to.

When I saw the photo prompts, I felt I had to go for it… because I’d just taken two of the photos already! (#2 and #3). And all the prompts brought to mind something especially meaningful for me right now.

So here are my offerings:

1 – Something you wore:


I wore this on my “pearl” anniversary away, gift from husband just before we went to dinner. Through thirty years the symbolism of pearls grows significant: that it’s the rough times and painful trials we navigate together through life that build the beauty and form the pearls. (I shot it just in the bare box because I liked the effect of all those every-which-way silver stripes.)

2 – Reflection:

IMG_8247_2This is my usual outdoor place of reflection: the front porch, where glass at left shields from bugs in heat and breezes in early morning chill, blends the outside with the “inside” (on porch), and gives me lots to reflect on.

3 – Inside Your Fridge:


I opened the fridge door one afternoon, and this is what I saw. Who he is, how he got there, and why he’s significant… is scheduled subject matter for a blog post in the week ahead.

4 – Daily Routine:


I was glad to get this prompt. It made me realize my life hasn’t yet fallen into total disarray. Until I considered what “routine” I could shoot, I wasn’t sure I had any holding steady lately. But that red journal I started on August 1, and by September 6 had filled all its pages with almost daily entries, and the open blue one already has letter scribbles covering one-third of its pages. A routine that maintained itself! (I guess I can’t not-write. Maybe not-blog, but not not-write.)

5 – Morning:


There it is, all aglow, sun climbing the eastern sky, reminding me also that I did get up regularly at an early hour, did get some kind of quiet time almost always before that bright orb reached this height…

and that tomorrow is another brand new day…


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14 thoughts on “Back at the Scavenging

  1. What interesting, stimulating prompts. I love the scavenger hunt idea. Now… really have piqued my curiosity about that red strawberry? tiny tomatoe? what?
    and like you, I love to journal. And what joy and intrique to take a journaling scavenger jaunt through the pages. You never know what synchronicities and insights you’ll unearth……things you didn’t realize when you wrote!

    1. Tom A. Toh. That’s who he is. 😉 More on him this week, I hope, Lynn.
      You are certainly right about these prompts, whether for a free-write or a photo-shoot. It often so “co-incidental,” and even more often revelatory (like a collage can be, as I just found out recently!)
      And journals… I know I’d always “mis-remember” a lot of things as I originally experienced them if I didn’t write them down—because when I now read old entries, I’m often surprised at their accounts of things. Valuable for lots besides—like working out a decision, understanding of a person or situation, or other wisdom. Glad to know you’re a fellow journal keeper.

      1. Oh Tom A. Toh! Well, I should have known! =] Can’t wait. Hmmm… where have you heard about collage?! =]
        And yes, I’m a journaling aficionado from way back. I wrote a book on it–even: Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer. I should have known you journaled.

  2. I love your whole series. Each is well-suited to the prompt and absolutely lovely in how it’s shot. I love the journal picture…really & truly.

  3. Sweet: being here, remembering the Scavenger Hunt and seeing your precious pictures that let me into your world.

    1. Aw, Dawn, it’s so sweet to have you here, too. I hope someday you’ll get the free time to do some of the scavenger hunts again. I know you enjoyed them. God bless.

  4. Those truly are interesting prompts – and you have some beautiful photos to go with them! I enjoyed your stories, as well. Good to “have you back”, friend!

    1. So good to hear from you again, too, Mary. I’ve been thinking about you. Hope to see you more often now, both here and over at your website.
      Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Splendid,
      Thanks for visiting. Fridge critter is in present post. Pearls are a good symbolism, aren’t they?

    1. Yep, Robert, that’s so true. We all seem to need continued schooling. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Very enjoyable set. I will be checking about the little object you found in your fridge. Loved your Reflection and Morning shots.

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