There is a rhythm to the spirit’s life in Him, I know there is. A gentle breathing, prayer in, work out, work of faith, labor of love. And left to God and our surrendered selves, I think we’d find this rhythm, once we found our Christ.

But the world has a beat that is strong. And loud. Insistent, persistent. Always accelerating. Interrupting any heavenly rhythm our souls might have. And that makes it a fight. And the fight makes gentleness cease. And I am left with the unsettled fragments of frustration, scattered on the timeclock and the scribbled calendar. Longing for the rhythm.

It’s worth “fighting” for.


Lord and Father of my soul, fill me with Your Spirit as I seek to sink into sync with it. Make its fruit prevail over World’s noisy harassing beat—its fruit including gentleness, subduing the frenetic and spreading the oil of peace over the troubled waters, to turn their frantic roiling into softly lapping waves.


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12 thoughts on “On Sinking into Sync

  1. you’ve spelled out a beautiful rhythm of the dailyness of our faith – prayer, work, faith, love. it’s a lovely start to my day and I thank you!

  2. His ways and His rhythm really are so lovely, aren’t they, Linda, and so blessed? May He bless you with a beautiful day.

  3. Thankful for the prompt, thankful for this reminder and encouragement to slow down, to breathe and pray. No wonder we love to sit on the beach watching the waves. I think that is one thing I like about weaving-the rhythm is a good antidote to working with people ;-).

  4. Mm, yes, Laurie: the quieting rhythm of (gentle) ocean waves… and weaving! That is true, good antidote to working with people—and to other things… And now that I can find my weaving room (heh), I intend to sit and weave a bit myself! (contented sigh!)

  5. Dear Sylvia
    Oh, I hear the cry of your heart! We can only ask for grace upon grace upon another good dose of grace to live in Jesus and to hear the rhythm of His heartbeat of love!
    Much love XX

  6. Such a lovely five minute write Sylvia. Peeking in here to wave hello on the brink of our Sabbath. Sending a big hug and lots of love to you.

  7. We are such a culture of “doing” that we lose the value of simply “being”. It’s that Mary/Martha “thing” again, isn’t it, Sylvia? The rhythm of the spirit, as you outlined it, is both intertwined–beautiful!

  8. Keeping on asking, Mia, we keep on receiving, don’t we? Such a grace-giver is our “Papa God”!

  9. And His beautiful love back to you, Shelly, on this lovely (so bless-ed) Sabbath!

  10. That’s it, Dawn. That’s His rhythm for us, the being and the doing, beautifully intertwined. Letting Him lead, taking the time for the one, I find myself moving more grace-ful-ly in the other, overcoming my “two left feet” in the dance. Grace and peace to you today, in both your being and your doing!

  11. Yep. I truly understand. God uses me as a “fighter”… and I must be on alert, doing whatever, whenever, and wherever, He calls me to do it. On alert is a necessity of life for me.

    Thank you for sharing… good teaching, touching.

  12. Joanne, I suppose it’s a necessity for all of us in the most important areas of life. I have a tendency to want to give up at times and just flop, but God always seems to stand me back up and prod me forward again. And I think, “The weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but have divine power…” And that in itself makes it important to fight all my inner inclinations and outer hindrances to those important times throughout the day earmarked for drawing near to Him.
    “Fight” on! 🙂

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