{For when you feel you don’t mix in well.}

White clouds on blue…

IMG_7482…make me think of white wool washed and carded.


 White wool washed and carded makes me think of… salt.

2013-04-29 23.50.06 

…because I’ve been reviewing the Sermon on the Mount, and in it, right smack after the Beatitudes, comes the thing about the salt of the earth:

How we’re it.

How salt can lose its saltiness.

How we can, too, and end up as useless as un-salty salt.

How can salt lose saltiness anyway?

The wool shows me.

This… salty whiteness…


mixed with just a bit of this…


and this…


carded together…

It blends, like this…


Card it together again, just once more, and you get this:



Then spin it,


and ply it.

And voilá…


What happened to the white??

And how do we get it back again?


If I feel I don’t fit in, well, I probably can.

Just let the world, its mindset, mix in, mix in. Just a little of it might be enough. It probably won’t take long…

But is that what I really want?

My loving Savior, who shouldered agony and shed blood like tears, crimson and profuse, to make me pure white salt… Is that what He would want?

Just some thinking my wool clouds gave me… about salt.


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4 thoughts on “A Mild and Wooly Day… That Makes me Think of Salt

  1. Great analogy. How just a tinge of color taints a perfect white. “He washed it white as snow.” Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Even I was surprised, Floyd, at how little could gray the whole “batt” of wool, and how every bit of it could end up gray. My husband had so much trouble believing it could make the white totally “disappear” like that, I had to demo the process with the drum carder to convince him. Quite a lesson for me on how our thinking can get grayed by “small” errors of thinking and “little” flaws in attitude and approach to life!

  3. I am a cloud watcher, too, so I loved the analogy to wool and salt. I also loved the “demonstration” of how the white wool became impure with just a hint of color. Thankfully, we are washed clean by Jesus Christ. Thanks for a beautiful lesson today! (Thanks also for visiting at my blog today!)

    1. Kind of surprising, isn’t it, Kim–that graying from just a bit of taint? Yup, I’m so thankful that He not only washes us clean in the first place, but also as we confess our failings, He forgives and cleanses. It’s a shame, though, to get all dingy. And sometimes the cleanup can be a rather harsh process!… Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

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