I see the prompt word “opportunity” and immediately rushing into my mind comes a phrase from a beautiful prayer I found among my jumbled files last year (2012): It thanks God for “the mysterious opportunity of my life.”

What a phrase to dwell on, in gratitude! Just the heart-beating, breathing-in and breathing-out, throbbing, moving life, what a mystery, and what opportunity!

Problem is I have too many opportunities! I can’t choose them all! I can’t choose half the things I’d like to do and could individually if I chose just that one thing—I’d have to live a thousand years!

I am remembering a party, decades ago, before I knew Christ personally, where a palm reader was telling fortunes, describing lives. I was brushing off that opportunity, uncomfortable, when one earnest woman’s face, leaned toward me, asking, “But do you know who you are?”

I laughed. And said, “I am an infinite number of possibilities.”

What I didn’t know then was that I was only scratching the surface of the possibilities list. Since then, through Him, I have been able to do… well, sometimes, the impossible! At least what would have been impossible for little human me.

So what opportunity do I choose? That prayer focused for me the best one: that most mysterious opportunity of knowing Him more and more, as I live each day. Each day then becomes fuller with richer opportunities than Christ-less earthlings could even guess. I know. I was one. And oh, the difference!


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6 thoughts on “Mysterious Opportunity

  1. Yes, that is surely the best opportunity He can give us and He does that with so much love and joy!
    Bless you

  2. Oh this speaks to the soul! Tried to pick a favourite part and couldn’t. Thank you for sharing this glimpse of beauty 🙂

  3. Hi Mia,
    Yes, it astounds me when I stop and think about the fact that He gives us tiny earthling the opportunity to know Him personally, creator of this huge universe. Wow. And then add in the love and joy… There’s no more awesome opportunity in life! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Looking at your blog, Lizzie, I think I see a kindred spirit. 🙂 So glad you stopped over and we met!

  5. Nothing in His creation can equal the Creator who lives within us. Well said. Loved the prayer. That pretty much covers it!

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