Still counting REASONS TO PRAISE HIM, because it is good to praise the Lord and to honor all that He is and does…

Today, from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-6. Matthew 7 to follow later–because there are so many reasons already):

  • 491 – Because He draws aside to teach His disciples more intimately and fully than the crowds
  • 492 – Because great is the heavenly reward of those persecuted for His sake
  • 493 – Because He, the Light of the World, makes us, His children and followers, the light of the world also, which cannot be hid, but that gives light “to all who are in the house”
  • 494 – Because He teaches to the depth of the heart, far deeper than surface legalism
  • 495 – Because loving our enemies, praying for those who speak evil of us wrongfully makes us to be called His children
  • 496 – Because He rewards the secret giver 
  • 497 – Because He rewards those who pray to Him in secret, not to be seen of men
  • 498 – Because we can pray to Him without a lot of vain repetitions because He knows all our needs before we ask
  • 499 – Because He will forgive us our trespasses if we forgive those who trespass against us
  • 500 – Because the Lord rewards those who fast in secret
  • 501 – Because we are of much more value to Him than sparrows, and He knows all about each sparrow’s individual life and death
  •  502 – Because our “eye” needs to be “single,” without double vision, and we cannot serve both Him and someone or something else — specifically, Mammon
  • 503 – Because He who clothes the lilies of the field will surely clothe His children
  • 504 – Because He who provides food for the birds of the air will surely provide food for His children
  • 505 – Because if we seek first (primarily) His kingdom and His righteousness, He will add to us all those things we need
  • 506 – Because, on account of Him, we need not (and should not) worry about such things
  • 507 – Because, on account of Him, we need not (and should not) worry about tomorrow or concern ourselves with its evils till that day comes and He equips us at that time to deal with it.

Blessed be the name of our wonderful Lord!

A blessed weekend to all who read today!


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