A quick summary report of much that happened while I was “on vacation”…

Improvements to the blog:

– ReCaptcha killed! (I didn’t do this. Web-guy son did.) Hallelujah! Now all you have to do when you leave a comment is check a little box that attests you are not a spammer!

– Avatars enabled with blog comments now. If you have one, it will appear

Praise breakthrough:

– I found TEN THOUSAND REASONS to praise our God! 10,000 biblically verifiable ones, found! Yes, really.

Vacationy stuff, if but for a day (or two):

– Amazing afternoon of R and R with Husband at a local lake — oh, so soothing, and oh, so needed!

-An errand day turned slow-down “rest” day. Something learned from this.

The unplanned:

– Sad news, next day after the lake visit, of dear sister-in-law’s passing two days before. (Husband’s sister.) It was good to have had the day of peace and rest and quiet before we knew…

– For Husband, first a kidney stone then a bout with gout (evidently from the same cause) — followed by some dietary changes around here.

– Four days of dog fostering, a wonderful stray dog, which Husband and I both bonded with and nearly adopted. Will I ever forget this dog?

Hopes realized, partway, anyhow:

 – Incredible lessons from God, through His Word: such as…

blogging and the temptation in the wilderness

blogging and the Sermon on the Mount

blogging and the whole book of Matthew

blogging and all the Proverbs about mouth or tongue or lips or words

and blogging and the Epistle of James.

– More incredible (life!)lessons from God, through my grabbing the right book at the right time.

More unplanned:

– One more week “off” than I’d figured on, when some flu bug or something knocked me flat! (giving me exactly the total days needed to finish the 31 daily lessons in the book mentioned above—and exactly what I needed to get some of the lessons—on being still. (For two days there, I didn’t have much choice!)

Hope to be sharing about some of these things in upcoming posts.

6 thoughts on “Vacation from Blogging — Noteworthy Happenings

  1. I just had to leave a comment without the ReCaptcha gobbly-gook. I can hardly wait for the harvest from your vacation. I’m ready when you are!


  2. I know how you feel, Dawn. I wanted an excuse to do this, sans ReCaptcha, too! Harvest coming slowly, with the “harvester” trying better to follow the directions of the Master, instead of running ahead of Him. But it *is* gathering in. Thanks, dear friend! God bless your day!

  3. So good to “see” you back here, too! Hope your trip has refreshed you as well. God bless the coming days!

  4. Congrats on making it to 10,000!!! I must confess I’m a little envious! I’ve been so busy lately I’ve hardly had time to breathe, much less sleep (hence my lack of presence in the blogging world). Read through all your posts, all excellent, as always. Glad to see you back!

  5. Hi Mary,
    Well, I *found* 10,000, but I didn’t list and number them. I realized something as I was looking again at the creation story which covered thousands, biblically verifiable. (Next week I hope to put up that post and link it. Sorry I haven’t yet. Trying to get posts in right order.) I thought you would be super busy at this time of year, and expected you wouldn’t have time to blog much, if at all. I’ve been slow at getting back on track myself.
    Hope all is going well. God bless this term for you! And thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

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