Okay, it’s time. I must do this!

I shouldn’t blog in August. So far, I did. But life became a fragmented confusion with much left undone. I need to remember this next August. Every August seems fraught with overload, blog or no.

And now, now that August is essentially over, I must do what I should have done a month ago: I need to take a hiatus from blogging, and most internet doings, to tie up loose ends, get autumn routines into place, and especially, get my bearings—or rather, God’s bearings for me!

The last post prompted some excellent comment questions about the role of peace in determining and carrying out God’s specific personal will for us—so excellent and compelling they almost pulled me back into the soup, and away from this draw-aside time I know is what I most need, and what God would have me do right now.

It’s enormous, this topic of determining God’s specific will (or not bothering to… “Which shall I choose?” “Shall I consult God on this question, or just decide it myself?”… etc.) I realized, in starting to respond in the comment area, there wasn’t enough space there. Then I began writing a post, which became two posts, and I had a third one on the topic all ready to publish sometime. But I realized three posts wouldn’t adequately cover the questions, either. And when I got discussing all this with my husband, more and more subtopics kept emerging, till the whole thing was getting like an octopus, then an octopus brood to which it gave birth (if octopi do give birth… I don’t know…)

Meanwhile, what I need more than to write about determining God’s specific direction is to do it myself, right now! Many questions and uncertainties about blogging, blog content, blog networking, etc., have been assaulting me. And I know if I had taken the time to do a George Müller before I jumped into blogging in the first place, I’d have more settled peace of mind and sense of direction about many of these things right now.


That said, I’m going on VACATION. Meaning, I’m going to vacate this blog for at least two weeks, probably three, maybe more. The length of time depends on how God enables me to see His way, and how yielded I am to hearing exactly what He says.

In that time I may do a lot of writing, in journal, on computer, but private stuff, between me and God. Afterward I hope to have assurance of His path for me.

I love you, sisters who frequent this blog. And I will miss “talking” with you. I know things will try to pull me back. But this is important. And right now, as I’m starting my hiatus, numerous good bloggers are finishing theirs, and returning, refreshed. So there should be lots out there to chew on.

However, through this time, let’s all continue to do our utmost to look mainly, even completely, to Him for our wisdom and guidance! God bless all who read this!


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10 thoughts on “Break Time!

  1. Good luck on your blogging hiatus, I hope you are able to clearly hear God speak to you on the direction to take. I just got back from my own, and He gave me fresh perspective that I needed, and that only comes from taking a step back and trusting in Him.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Praying you feel Him, hear Him, see Him, experience Him like never before! Hugs to you for setting a wonderful example!!

  3. Thank you, all of you, much! Such heart-warming, soul-blessing wishes! Soo sweet! And blessings on all your endeavors and (hopefully) interspersed rest times with Him, too!

  4. Dear Sylvia,

    Make no mistake, I will miss you here, but I get this need to “come apart”.

    Bless you,

    1. Thank you, Dawn. It has been well timed. Things have happened this week that made it a good thing that I was not tied up with blogging. Blessings to you, dear sister.

  5. As one of your sisters 🙂 I’ll tell you I wish you a happy blog vacation – this is a pretty critical time of my life – I think I better not take one myself – but then I don’t have family like you do – I just have me and the love kitty. Have a good break – glad to be numbered as one of your “sisters”. God bless and keep you and all of yours my friend.

    1. Thank you much, “Sista” Craig (hah), for your visit and well wishes. Yes, there’s a time for every purpose under heaven, including a time to blog and a time to refrain from blogging! 🙂 Continued prayers for you, and blessings on your bloggings. Your posts have been very interesting, informative, and balanced. May God keep giving you such great ideas and content!

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. Hope to get back to WIP Wednesday (because I am definitely a WIP!) But right now the break is very timely and needful. Glad I purposed to do it! God bless!

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