They rise in early hours. Sound of water rushing in the upstairs shower, of drip outside from present falling mist and wet of midnight’s teeming. Packed last night, they load the car and leave in whitening gray, eating little, stomachs tight like knitted brows. Heading into day-long, maybe night-long, driving, anxious, then into the blood-orange smoke-choked air.

I linger in the silence that falls whenever family leaves but that holds an altered quality today, draw out the time of pensiveness with Him. Just grateful, so grateful…

~For news reports and phone calls that reassure, for now…

~For soaking rain that fell in nighttime, and raindrops pearl-like left on windows

~For time to “waste” on being still

~For prayer that needs and has no words

~For all this living green…


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8 thoughts on “Gray Dawn Gratefulness

  1. they go into the “blood-orange smoke-choked air” and you sign off “living green”. Yes, it makes me pause to wonder about times I am up and others are seemingly down. What is my responsibility? I love how you are “being still,” being grateful while all the while sharing your home. It is being an active intercessor. I am learning.

    Hugs this quiet morning,

  2. Yes, Connie, last year it was those widespread fires in Texas and devastating floods nearby here. Troubles relocate, but recur. Sad, yet comforting to know the God Who’s everywhere.

  3. Thanks for the hugs, Dawn. Hugs back.
    Yes, it’s easy not to notice the troubles that are ubiquitous, until they hit closer to “home.” I’m learning, too. Sometimes quickly, lots of times too slow.

  4. Beautiful post, Sylvia. You captured both the thankfulness and the concern for family in difficult times.

    Dawn, I couldn’t help but smile at how you latched onto Sylvia’s use of color in this post…given the title…”Gray Dawn.” You’re not all that old, are you? 😉

  5. Oh, groan, Joe. I noticed that about the title later, and hoped no one else would. NO, I did not have Dawn (being gray or otherwise) in mind as I wrote that title. Guess I’d better write about BEING gray (er, “silver”/”Sylvr”) before long now!

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