To start, two thoughts, clinging from yesterday, almost “asides” in a sermon, but items of great rejoicing to me:

~In Eternity, there will be no clocks, wristwatches, or calendars! Think of it! (wow!)

– – -What a venture it might be to spend an entire day like that, just rejoicing in the Lord… But then, come to think of it, after early by-the-clock church worship, yesterday flowed almost that way. – – –

~ (Also from the sermon) Christian joy pictured as a gallon of goodness, of bountiful blessing, poured into an eight-ounce glass, leaving us overflowing, “messy with joy“!

Thanking Him for these wonders just named.

Also thanking Him this morning, in this fragment of time,

~for the rainbow of flowers in bloom about me now:

~the rosy red of rhododendron

~the orange of remaining poppies

~the yellow of buttercup drifts in fields

~the camouflaged green blossoms that hide in snow-on-the-mountains

~the indigo-blue of lobelia

~the lavender of blossomed chives (whose tiny separated flowerets I love to sprinkle on salads and little tea sandwiches)

~the red-violet of iris, 

~and for eyes that still can see them all and discern the different shades.


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts and Thanks

  1. interesting that you wrote a post about “eventually” – just after this post, about appreciating slivers of time. Nice! But you know what I heart of most about both posts – the pictures of the flowers – and not only the pictures – but the colors that you associated with the pictures – not just blue but “indigo blue” – not just yellow but “drifts of yellow” – I heart it that. Oh, and I mentioned you in today’s post – our chat about Solomon – of course with appropriate linkage and whatnot. God bless you my friend!

  2. Hi Craig, I already visited your latest post and saw that! Thanks for the link-up. And thanks for stopping ’round and commenting here. God’s rich blessings to you, too!

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