It was a quote that caught me, one little paragraph within a small devotional. Today amid early morning coolness and bird song, I sit and meditate on it, to sink it down into daily remembrance:

“The cure for _____ lies in living under a constant sense of the divine presence,

worshiping God and communing with Him all the day long,

however long the day may seem.

True religion lifts the soul into a higher region,

where the judgment becomes more clear and desires more elevated.

The more of heaven there is in our lives, the less of earth we shall covet.

The fear of God casts out _____.

The deathblow of _____ is a calm consideration of the future.”

-C. H. Spurgeon, from Faith’s Checkbook


He was writing of envy. But any sin fits nicely in the blanks, doesn’t it?

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12 thoughts on “Sure Cure

  1. Ah, you Ladies I read are gently nudging me to Spurgeon and what he has to say on prayer. Today you quote him, and yesterday over at Ann’s there was this:

    I know no better thermometer for your spiritual temperature than this: the measure of the intensity of your prayer.

    To prayer at 6:30 and throughout the day, prayer with feet on it,

  2. God at work, Dawn. God at work. 🙂
    He uses us and speaks through us ofttimes when we’re totally unaware. I’m so glad He used this to speak to you!
    — And isn’t prayer at its best all the things Spurgeon says, above?
    So happy to have you back in the blogosphere!

    1. So true, Lisa — my mind, anyway. Sometimes I think I’ve just had a brand new epiphany, and then I read about it in my journal from several years before!! (Just a replay.) Sink down in! And repetition, repetition! yes! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Yes, you could add any sin in the blanks! In fact, until you told the answer, I thought the blank was worry.

    Thank you for the beautiful devotion, Sylvia!

    1. Yes, Joe, worry was one I thought of as fitting that blank well. Sure cure for worry!

    1. You say this truth so beautifully, Jennifer. Thanks for stopping to comment.

  4. Love it. SO true. Worshiping our Lord is the main life-focus we need to have. Sometimes I am ON it; sometimes I get side-tracked. But, should never lose my worship path.

    1. Same here, Joanne. Doesn’t it seem strange, how we drift off onto side-tracks, when the worshipful walk on track with Him is so beautiful? I’m planning on exploring this question over the next week (or so) of blog posts: the Christian struggle. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  5. Could be anxiety, worry, anything opposite of trust. But envy makes perfect sense.
    Did you ever read Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God?

  6. Hi Debra. Yes, so much fits the blanks.
    And Brother Lawrence? Next two posts!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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