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The seas roar! In tidal waves, tsunamis, fearsome devastation.


The people roar! Outwardly, moved by mob mind come from somewhere. Anger, fear, foolishness! Inwardly, by the same madness, to the same shame.

I have seen the mob mind twice. Once, a campus craziness. A second time, a “church” fear-gripped by someone bringing up a problem.

And I think how ruled we can be by things beyond ourselves.

Let my heart, my spirit, my soul find stillness in Thee.

Let the people cease to roar (outwardly or inwardly), and start to sing Thy praise and power instead.

It shall be.



[Disclaimer: I go to writers’ conferences where I hear repeated, “There are no good writers. Only good RE-writers.” Emphasized and re-emphasized (almost to a roar!) Then I come to Five-Minute Friday, and naturally balk. Today I finally took the challenge, but allowed myself the freedom not to post, just to write. And then, right at 2.5 minutes, interruption came! I didn’t know if I’d post or not, because I stopped the clock, then restarted it and tried to keep my mind on course — and I can’t say I didn’t fudge a little. But there it is, for what it’s worth.]

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8 thoughts on “Roar! (Five-Minute Friday)

  1. you and me both, #49! i fudge a little bit when i realize something might fit better here – for me, i have to allow that it’s still helping me write freely for a few minutes (before my ocd kicks in). 🙂

    welcome to 5mf!

    love, #50

    1. You’re right, #50. That’s what happened! I finally mentioned something on my blog that I’ve kept stifled about, silent. The five minutes of freewriting that you’re not going to edit afterwards are scary, but freeing!

  2. Welcome to the community of 5-Minute Friday! I think you’ll like it here. I uttered a little roar when I read the disclaimer about writer’s conferences. Do they expect to make any money being so uplifting? Heehee! I do love your ‘angry roar’ turned into ‘praise’.

    1. Felecia,
      I had to laugh at your little roaring. I certainly do see the value of editing. I’m much too wordy naturally, for one thing (slash that verbosity! slash! slash!) And overuse some words…
      But I also see how valuable freewriting is. I just never thought I’d ever publish immediately what I just dashed off like that!
      Thank you for your encouragement. BTW, I haven’t been to any writers’ conferences for some time. I’m learning more from the blogging community!

  3. GIRL FRIEND! I am so glad you posted! are you kidding me? “only re-writers?!” talk about a roar you don’t want to hear…you have thoughts people need to read. the only way you are re-writing is because you hear what God is saying and then you write it down. I think this is a very interesting post and I would love to hear about these mobs…and I agree with the prayer ‘let the people start to sing thy praise and power instead” sooo good! amen!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thank you for your kind encouragement. I like what you said about rewriting as hearing what God says and writing it down. See my other comments above about editing. I’ll add that this fearsome five-minute thing has opened up a can of worms. Now I’m more likely to write about those mobs… (Yikes!) Thanks again, and God bless.

  4. Sylvia, I absolutely LOVE this post. First, I love your mention of the way the ocean roars. That’s a beautiful expression of a powerful-yet-softening roar.

    Second, I am intrigued by your mention of mob mind, especially in regards to a church setting, for I believe I have witnessed a similar thing. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on this topic.

    Third, I totally get what you’re saying about rewriting. That is exactly what composition theorists and writers advocate. Rewriting! And it’s the same reason I held off on participating in Five-Minute-Friday too.

    I love the sylvr pen!

    1. And I absolutely love your visits, Denise, and your sweet encouragement! So grateful that we “bumped into” each other in blogland. Been thinking of you as I pursue my Bible reading (did I miss yesterday? I may have done… have to check) … and my earlier-to-beds, which I’ve kept up, to my utter delight, especially in the mornings. Hope you’re doing well. Saw you are also reading two daily devotionals, which look like very good ones! God bless it all! And thanks again. I guess I’ll do some more 5MFs, and someday tell about mob minds.

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