Uniqueness, doubled.

A post on the Lord’s Day? I don’t think I’ve done that before! But this being January 1, brand new year, with me starting a new kind of Bible reading schedule, I thought I’d slap up a quick post in case someone else might like to try it.

I saw it on someone’s website: a link to a Chronological read-through plan. I thought, “Hmm,” clicked the link, and tried some year’s end readings.

Interesting, I mused, and began to consider. So near a new year’s start, I thought I’d like to begin the plan on January 1 (That’s today!) You can start any time, and custom-set your schedule on the website, but I like beginning fresh now.

If you’re interested, go here to the One Year Chronological Bible Online.

This link gives the scriptures in the NLT, but you can choose from a wide variety of versions, click the date, and read its scheduled passages right on your computer screen.

Preferring a more literal translation, I figured on just choosing my trusty NKJV. But Husband is starting his own new read-through, changing translations, as the last two times, and I’m thinking that might give me some new angles from which to look at the text. So I might just try a different translation, too, or do some version-hopping.

The one hesitation I had was encountering (I thought) no New Testament readings until I finishing the Old. How mistaken! Checking ahead, I see New Testament passages popping up within a short time.

So… I begin…

…and post this so if you want to try it, too.

Whatever plan or version or amount of Bible reading you aim to do, God bless your endeavor with the richness of His Word Treasury!

6 thoughts on “New Bible Reading Plan

  1. Hi Sylvia:

    I began a chronological reading plan a few months ago, so I am continuing with it into the new year. Right now, I’m on 1 Samuel using the ESV version. I look forward to continuing reading through the Bible in this way.


    1. Hi Joan,
      Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you’re finding benefits in this way of reading through. I did begin today, and decided to use the NASB. We have an NASB here at home that I haven’t used for a while, and in the Chronological Bible online it has lots of footnotes and cross-references right on page, at the convenience of a click. So far, the reading just runs straight through the first three chapters of Genesis, but these X-refs take me all over the Bible. Interesting. (BTW, my husband’s favorite translation is the ESV, but he’s chosen to read through this year in a different one for the insights the differences might give him.) Glad you stopped by!

  2. My husband gave me the One Year Chronological Bible as a Christmas gift, so I didn’t pick the translation (NLT), but I’m interested in trying something different. For in-depth Bible study time, I do love the NASB. It’s great! I’ve read the NIV the longest, though, so most of my memory verses are in that translation, but I just got the ESV Study Bible, and I’m really liking it.

    Perhaps we can keep each other accountable as we read our Bibles this year?

    1. Yes! It think that would be terrific! What fun!
      More in common: I used the NIV for a long time, too, and so a number of my memory verses are in it, too. I kind of jump back and forth among translations, even as I recite a passage containing verses I learned in different versions. Crazy, but it works for me!

  3. Sylvia,

    I read The Two Year Bible in the New Living Translation by Tyndale. It’s been my salvation as far as reading through the Bible is concerned. I did read through the Bible in a year twice, but it was really too much and I dreaded it. I didn’t want to dread reading God’s word, but I felt helpless. Then I saw the Two Year Bible, readings divided into 7-minute segments. Yes! That seemed llike it would be much better to me and it was. I have been reading 7 years now which means I have been through the Bible 3 1/2 times.

    I’m wanted to post this, Sylvia, in case there is someone reading you who was where I was a decade ago. As you so well said in your closing statement there is no rule that we have to read in ONE year. A slower plod will do quite nicely. I know.

    Reading with you,

    1. Yes! I am so glad you wrote this comment here, Dawn! It never occurred to me that some women would feel under obligation to read through the Bible in a year, as if it were a law you had to follow or something. I was a Christian quite a while before I ever read all the way through like that — and when I did, I was propelled by wanting answers on a certain topic. Nevertheless, from the start I fell in love with God’s word. But at first I mostly focused on one book at a time, savoring, soaking up, following cross-references marked in my Bible, digesting and pondering.
      In fact, I really had no intention of doing a whole-Bible read-through this year. But when I came upon that chronological reading plan, it captured my interest, and now I’m so eager to pursue it.
      I think we need to consider the Bible as a rich feast, sort of a smorgasbord of delightful, nourishing food, and each person find that pattern of taking it in that benefits best. Thanks much for stopping and commenting.

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