By dawn, the temperature plummets to freezing. It’s an excellent day.

Excellent for

poaching a breakfast egg (boiling the water long and lovely ahead of time)…

for baking a pie, using the French rolling pin Husband made from cherry wood that grew on the hill. (He made the pin, and he’s been hounding for another peach pie—so it’s only right and fitting, as well as housewarming…)

For canning peaches…

For cooking up a big pot of tomato sauce—to finish and can up tomorrow (when it’s supposed to be cool again).

This day excels all others this month so far—for these things.

Other days excel it for other things, like diving into a pool and swimming.

But how could I say any day excels another for prayer, because prayer belongs to every day, and all days need it equally, whether they seem to or not.

Prayer excels…

Genuine prayer excels nearly everything else.

May my day—may your day—excel.