I am collecting treasure. I am collecting names of God. And today’s name treasure, whose beauty shines out from Psalm 31:4— “O LORD, God of Truth”!

“God of Truth!” What manna, in this wilderness of deceit and pretense, word-and-people manipulation, cover-up and blatant, bold-faced lies!

I am recalling someone’s talk (can’t remember whose) on 2 Timothy 3’s Last Days people who despise good, love pleasure rather than God, have but a form of godliness, and “resist the truth”—and their gullible followers “always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”—how this speaker uttered, astonished, “And these people are in the church!”

Yes. It’s there in the context—as it has been through the ages, as it is now, and shall be, till Truth steps out from behind the curtain to expose all dishonesty, and spotlight the nobility of truth-lovers who took the hits from dealers in deceit.

Truth. The LORD is a God—the God—of truth. So how can these people be His, who continually resist that essence of Himself?

Methinks, quite possibly, they aren’t—that they’re tares in the planting, cinders in the Bride’s eye, clouds without rain, blurring reality with warm-fuzzy dream drifts of pretense. They’re a shame and dishonor to the name of Truth—one of the names of God, intrinsic part of His essential nature.

But “in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay, some for honor and some dishonor…” In other words, the God of truth is in control, using even liars and pretenders, as He used Joseph’s lying brothers, even their treacherous scheming—“What you intended for evil…” God uses for good.

In this I rest serene, knowing from His Spirit and from my past that I can trust Him, as can anyone in love with truth. From this I draw the courage to live truth, despite its strong opponents. I think of Hannah’s words that warn, “Do not keep speaking so proudly…for the LORD is a God who knows, and by Him deeds are weighed”!

“Give me truth!” my soul cries. And Jesus answers, “I am the very Truth of truths, and I have given you truth. I have given you Myself.

God says He is light and in Him is no darkness, that He has given us His Word, and His Word is Truth. How precious and sweet the name that proclaims it, “O LORD God of truth.”

I can’t trust him who doesn’t love truth. I can trust completely Him Who is its very source.

O dear LORD God of truth, Hater of lies, Opener of eyes, Giver of light, thank You for opening my eyes, for revealing both capital T and little t truth, O God I can trust, because… You. Are. Truth.