Our anniversary. I draw from the shelf the shoebox with the cards. On top lies the one I picked, months back, to give on this good day.

I read its words, and  freeze, surprised.

This is not what I want to say at all. I want neither for us to get lost anywhere anymore, nor to dwell on the years of our past. My heart is singing the praises of today, of the moment, of the wonder of where we’ve come to, together, by now.

What I want us to revel in now is this year, unique treasure compared to all others before it—this day, as sweet as any we’ve lived together, these present steps we take together, into tomorrow. How much better, today than yesterday.

And tomorrow than today. Whatever lies forward, upward, toward ultimate tomorrow, the very “best is yet to be.”

So, I need to change, to edit, that card—or else compose another, telling what I really feel.

Ah. I think I just did!


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Sentiments, Revised

  1. AH! YES!! I try not to dwell on the memories of the past, because most of my past is not pleasing to God and I would actually be praising the sin in my life, so look at today and one step at time because God is with me and He gets all the Glory even when I fall, cuz I turn to Him!! My future is all about Him, my past is not, so I plan to look ahead.

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