…The living God… gives us richly all things to enjoy –1Timothy 6:17

I planned a planting frenzy. And Saturday I got the chance to start it. Exhausted myself in the process–well, I had flower beds to tidy and cultivate, and planters to haul around and clean and fill.

Then Came…

But then came the rain, and the rain, and the rain. (This is the rainingest spring I can remember up here on the funny farm.)

I still slip out between downpours, in pink Wellingtons, muddy jeans, frayed shirt, and rubber gloves, to tuck in a flower here, a veggie there. Planting’s happening, not by frenzy, but baby-steps. But that, I acknowledge, is probably a whole lot healthier anyhow.

Color Riot

In the past I mostly majored in monochrome, or harmonious hues, for flower beds and planters. But not this year! I decided on a riot of color. And here you see some of it.

The news predicting my vision’s fading–fast, slow, or erratically one way then the other–has made me want to drink in as much variety of God’s beauty as I can, to burn into my memory. Then no matter how bad my eyesight gets, I’ll still be able to retrieve and enjoy the stored images. And since my ability to discern between shades and hues of blues and other colors is supposed to fade, I’m greedily grabbing all the color my mind can hold!


Is this sad? Hardly! I’ve always enjoyed the beauties of God’s creation. But now, oh how my attention, appreciation, and delight have increased! I may be seeing and enjoying more this spring than anyone else reading this post!

So I invite you to imagine that you are about to lose your eyesight, that you’ve been told you have only, say ten years to see, and each year diminishingly–then go out and feast your eyes on the wonders God puts before us. He “gives us richly all things to enjoy.” So, let’s…

Enjoy! Enjoy!