How was your Easter/Resurrection Day? Meaningful? Joyous? I think this year’s was my most richly meaningful.

Why? The whole month’s focus. My commitment to Easter-relevant blog posting each weekday kept pointing my attention in an “Easter-ly” direction. Yesterday just continued that focus.

(Husband) Jim had asked me the night before if I’d ever put myself in the shoes (sandals) of any of Passion Week’s eye witnesses. That prompted my brain, on waking, to think of the women going to the tomb, to imagine what they might have been thinking and feeling.

Morning church service, then dinner time back home, with its table décor, cross cake, and chocolate lamb, kept reminding me what this Day was about. Jim also read resurrection prophecies and accounts from the Bible. And we played a magnificent recording of The Messiah during dinner.

After we finished eating, we just kept sitting there, listening to the whole thing, reading its lyrics, moved especially by the resurrection section. Awesome thoughts and feelings. Such a blessing to have been able to do all that. Beautiful day!