What a horrendous combination — those elements in that title!

When I look again at the human waywardness of Genesis 3 and consider what Christ went through for me, for us, and how He took on Himself all those aspects of our Curse–in addition to the deep loathing He would feel in having to carry all our foul sin on His holy, sinless person — I stand in grateful, tearful awe.

Before we go on to Exodus (Monday), I feel compelled to dwell on the following scriptures, lining them up with one another, allowing deep gratitude and praise to flood my heart:

Hovering your cursor over each reference to read it, compare these scriptures and stand in awe with me of the Savior who took on Himself the curse of …

Human sorrow:

Compare Genesis 3:16a with Isaiah 53:3-4 and Matthew 26:37-38

The pain of new birth:

Compare Genesis 3:16b with John 3:3-3:5 and Isaiah 53:10-11

The oppression of man:

Compare Genesis 3:16c with Isaiah 53:7; Matthew 26:57;27:2,12-14; & Luke 23:7,11

The thorns of judgment and trials:

Compare Genesis 3:18 with John 19:2

The sweat of agony:

Compare Genesis 3:19a  with Luke 22:44

And mortal death:

Compare Genesis 2:16-17 & 3:19b  with John 19:33-34,40-42

Compare, consider, and wonder with me at His amazing love!

6 thoughts on “Sorrow, Birth Pain, and Oppression; Thorns, Sweat, and Death

  1. I feel so unworthy……..yet knowing He did this for “me” and “you” (meaning all) I am so “THANKFUL” yes in Awe!

  2. How beautiful it is to compare the prophecy with the reality of it! I too am in awe.

    A few years ago, I did a study on the portraits of Christ in Genesis. Also in chapter 3, verse 21 states that God clothed Adam and Eve with skins. Needless to say skins come from animals. Although in this verse the species of animal used is excluded, it’s not heresy to assume that it was a sheep or (lamb if you will). This account is a beautiful foreshadowing of Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God. Read my findings on my Bible study site, Two Small Fish.

    Thanks for your insight, Sylvia.

    See you in a twinkling,

    1. Yes, Brenda, I am finding these early Old Testament books just teeming with pictures of Christ. That’s a good one to include. Thank you for it–and your thoughtful studies on Two Small Fish.

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