Last year I enjoyed such a meaningful — and joyful– Resurrection Sunday: so much more than in many years. The reason why had nothing to do with the outward trappings, which didn’t differ at all from preceding springtimes. But my heart was focused and filled because, for once, I had prepared it. During the ten days beforehand, I had spent sweet and precious time reflecting on Gospel verses that gave me this focus, then posted my meditations on my blog during “Holy Week.” (You can find them now in the Pages under “Seasonal,” under the subheading “Easter.”)

I want this focus again this year–even more than last. So the time to start is now. My plan this year is to look at the Old Testament books, one by one, to see if each might hold some picture of or reference to the coming Christ’s crucifixion or resurrection. Already my attention is shifting to things above, and my heart is beginning to fill with grateful wonder that I’d like to share with anyone reading this blog.

So posts that follow will fit this theme. I hope they help both you and me experience a deeper appreciation of God’s indescribable gift to us in His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ!

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  1. thanks! I am glad to be on the list and looking forward to your posts!

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