Living one day at a time doesn’t just mean dealing with each day’s specific troubles. It also means savoring its special blessings.

As a little break from the heavy stuff, today I’m sharing some beauties with which God has blessed me in the past week, amid the snow-and-ice storms, the evil news from abroad and nearby, and the issues that require concerted prayer and serious thought.

Disclaimer, first: I don’t have a very “green thumb.” Black-and-blue is more like it. However, through the generosity of friends and husband, God gave me a few plants—along with some “bloom-booster flower food” and tips on how to care better for these growing things.

Result this month: a phenomenal delight! For some odd reason, two different cacti have bloomed a second time this winter,

simultaneously with the amaryllis a friend gave me for Christmas, and the nearly miraculous comeback and brave flower production of the kalanchoe I nearly killed over the past five years.

Meanwhile, the leaves of the coleus I dug up to overwinter inside are still showing their true color, as I keep pinching off the blooms (the way a good indoor gardener does…)

So even this bleak season has spring-like touches to offer: refreshing little color oases in the black-and-white of winter’s onslaught.

I hope they cheer you as they did me, especially if you need a reprieve from relentless weather.

Related Thoughts

Much of this day’s other “good stuff,” like these flowers, will be gone tomorrow, or at least  sometime next week. Part of living one day at a time–the most positive part–consists in enjoying, not missing, the beauties of the moment.

So as I venture forth through today’s hours, I want to keep alert to all their beauties and blessings as well as their spiritual challenges. Join me! And see what blessings you can spot today!