Twenty below zero today!

That’s got to be a record. It’s the coldest temp we’ve experienced since we moved up here into “the sticks” fifteen years ago.

Good day for…

a cup of black coffee (warmer than with cream)

a bowl of oatmeal (first I’ve had this winter)–and forget pouring any cold milk on it!

Good day to


cook a stew that sits all day on the stove and helps warm the air around it

remove laundry from the dryer while hot, burying my face in the each towel, sheet, and flannel shirt still warm from its innards

vacuum around, under and behind the radiators (sitting close!)

iron (What can I find to iron? napkins? a table cloth? next Sunday’s clothes? my underwear?… anything!)

hole up in the smallest room in the house (my study), with a radiant space heater parked 3 feet away from everything (which means right smack dab in the middle of the room, from whence it can send its heat in all directions…

…and write (warming my fingers occasionally over the heater) …or read, or study my Bible or meditate on my selected verses on cards…

(definitely to do:) thank God I have warm clothes and a source of heat and good things to do on a cold day and the ability to do them!

6 thoughts on “Frigid Weather To-do List

  1. Sylvia,
    I always enjoy reading your posts. While everyone else is complaining about the frigid weather, you’ve found some wonderful and unique antidotes. My personal favorite on a cold winter’s night is to snuggle close to my “arm-strong heater.” I’m so blessed. And like you during these extreme weather conditions, I praise God for a warm home, healthy food, and especially for warm friends to share my thoughts.

    1. Your warm comments warm me up, Brenda! I especially like that “arm-strong heater.” My arm-strong heater is off to his prison ministry right now, though… Thank you, warm friend.

  2. I am sitting on the raised hearth of our gas fireplace and baking is on my to do list. So glad I have today off work! Blessings!

  3. Warm thoughts on a cold day, Laurie! Enjoy! It’s warmed up to zero now. (Wow, a heat wave!) And I have to go out in it, to mail an important certified letter. Ooo, well, the sun is shining, and I’m gonna make this trip as brief as possible! Blessings back!

  4. Glad I wasn’t the only one to see -20, I gave everyone lots of hay last night so I wouldn’t have to go out till mid morning to do chores. Bundled up and still froze at 5 degrees! Keeping that wood stove stoked! Think I’ll sit in the sun in my living room and spin some of the fiber I’ve been dyeing.

    1. Hmm, Eve, sounds like a good idea, spinning some fiber. I think I’ll go get my wheel and tote it up to my warm(er) little room upstairs–or get a fire going in the library and spin beside it…
      (Dyeing fiber would help keep me warm, too, wouldn’t it?)

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