O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk of all his wondrous works (Psalm 105:1-2).

It caught my eye as I looked out the window. So tiny, and yet the light shining on it made it instantly capture my attention. I’d never seen this phenomenon before: one single snowflake pressed against the outer thermopane like a flower carefully pressed in an album–and not melting!

Delicate, intricate filigree. Perfect symmetry. Like the third snowflake on this page in form, yet unique.  It left me nearly breathless. I ran to get my camera, but the crystal was too small to capture in a normal photo. I would have run to get my husband, too, but he was deeply involved in brainwork, and I thought I could wait a moment, then summon him to see it. But, now looking closely, I saw less detail than a few minutes before. Aw, it was melting! Another minute and it was gone.

Such exquisite design in such a tiny thing of such fleeting existence, even smaller and more transient than I and my life!  It awes me to think how the brilliance of God extends to minuteness far beyond things so small we barely notice them, to things we can see only with electron microscopes! As I said a few posts ago, considering His hand in the microscopic helps me to realize His involvement in my concerns better than seeing His hand in the huge.

What makes a deed mighty anyway? The physical size of the things involved? Isn’t microsurgery mightier than surgery easily performed on larger scale? Which rates higher in value: a chunky afghan knitted fast on jumbo needles or a “wedding ring shawl,” delicately hand-knit with yarn so fine the whole finished product can pull right through a wedding ring? What most amazes me about God, even more than the vastness of His cosmos, is His involvement in the little events and issues of my seemingly insignificant life.

Wondrous works, all, both big and small! Just this miniscule marvel gave me so much blessing!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Wonders and Mighty Deeds

  1. I think we decide what is big and small in our lives , is it a matter of opinion or feelings?? I don’t know. God doesn’t put a label on our lives as big or small, and decide which He is going to work on or say, nah that isn’t important, I’m busy over here. No he is there through it all, like you said “Big or Small” He is mighty throught them all! To God be the glory!

  2. Upon ma word, girl, you could be doin a blog of your own! More good thoughts. Thank you!

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