Just after publishing Wednesday’s post, I sat thinking how the reason I couldn’t help telling people about that rainbow and urging them to take a look at it was the big awe I experienced, looking at it myself. Then I realized that if we Western believers really got close enough to God to see Him for what He is, we’d be so awed that, likewise, we wouldn’t be able to help telling people about Him, the same way.

So I saw the key to sharing what we know about God, about Christ, not as trying to make ourselves do what we “ought to” do, but drawing close enough to God to get bowled over by His awesome holiness, beauty, power, omniscience, mercy, etc, etc. We wouldn’t have to try to do better at sharing–it would spring from us spontaneously.

We get so sidetracked by the distractions, worries, and busy plans of life, we don’t give ourselves that opportunity…

So let’s make an effort to draw close to the Christ of Christmas this year as we move through the Advent season and not let those distractions rob us as they usually do.

(My part: I plan to post a Christ Thought, arising from scripture, each day until Christmas, starting tomorrow, to point my heart’s focus in His direction. Check back daily and see if it helps you do the same.)