Not very pretty, is it, that view?

How about this one?

Same view. Different state of the outlook window.

It happened again today. Within a few minutes of waking I found myself morose (certain dates and memories the stimulus). I struggled against my mood, tried to reason myself out of it, talked to God about it, ended up shedding a few tears.

Nothing wrong with any of that, but none of it dispelled the blues. Not until I settled myself at my bedroom window and began individually writing down five specific blessings for which I’m grateful (new ones never mentioned before)—not until then did the inner dark clouds disperse. And again, I found myself…yes, happy–so much so it surprised even me, even after yesterday’s experience. I could feel my mood lifting even as I listed the gratitudes.

Nothing outside myself had changed. But the window through which I was peering had. The gratitude attitude had swept away the dirt and debris of past hurts and fears, and given me a clear view of my blessings.

I know: just listing gratitudes and mouthing thanksgiving prayers to God about them isn’t a panacea for depression and deep grief. But it certainly is a healing cleanser that helps clear away the spots and smudges of negativism that block our view of the good stuff still right there before us. Thanks to God for the gift of gratitude!

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  1. While waiting on a coworker.. I ws just thinking about the outlook of something… so perfect timing for me to read this blog! thank you!

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