What I’m going to do today (God willing):

~ Bake hot cross buns (for tomorrow’s late breakfast–yum!)

~ Make carrot cake (a husband favorite–for after tomorrow’s dinner).

~ Cut cake into cross shape, (snitch a bit of the trimmings!), frost, and decorate with frosting flowers and the words “He is Risen!” (Now a family tradition.)

~Dust. Polish up dining table.

~ Iron hand-appliqueed-and-embroidered tablecloth and napkins (spring thing I sometimes use at Easter)

~ Arrange some “silk” Easter Lilies in a centerpiece.

~ Call friend who may be spending “Easter” afternoon alone and invite her to tomorrow’s dinner and some leisurely sit-and-chat time afterward.

What I’m doing right now (interrupted by writing this):

I’m sitting with a cup of good coffee, in a comfortable chair, reading and meditating on the rest of the gospel accounts, after the death of our Lord Jesus Christ (Mt 27:57-28:20; Mk 15:42-16:20; Lk 23:50-24:53; Jhn 19:38-21:25).

Preparation for tomorrow’s joy. And joy today. First things first!


2 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Today (Day Before Easter)

    1. He is risen indeed!
      And a wonderful Easter to you and your guys, too!

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