It jolts me, that little number amid the dock at the bottom of my screen.

It stands out stark to my view and seems to shout “Surprise!”—though I shouldn’t be jolted at all. This year I have been better aware of December First’s approach, perhaps than in any previous year. But that “1” still takes me by surprise.

I’ve thought out most of my gifting. I’ve settled the Advent wreath on a new-sewn runner on my little dining table. And I’ve had some new Advent reading all picked out way ahead of time.


I’m also still “doing” Thanksgiving: eating the leftovers, counting my blessings, being “on staycation,” housebound from church since the weather forecast heralded too much slippery stuff. And though I had a lot of decorating ideas in my head, I don’t have the materials at hand to execute them.

Execute. Now there’s a funny word to have chosen. In today’s English usage it usually implies punishment, putting to death, more than positive production, doesn’t it? And I meant to connote “carry out, follow through on.” But isn’t there a battle mentality about our Christmas doings nowdays: all the items we need to slash off our lists, in all our revved up self-propulsion? Rather than yielding to the purpose for His coming–“to guide our feet in(to) the path of peace”–aren’t we instead jeopardizing our peace?

However, I’m purposing to connect more with that peace this Christmastide/Advent. So away with the surprise, the clamor and the fuss. I hope to be more available to the Author of the event this season’s supposed to celebrate–and to share my peace-path walking here on the blog.

Some things can’t be helped. Last year I spent my December flitting among three places up and down the state, and spending two of its weeks nursing back to health husband’s broken leg and damaged foot (acquired by cutting down trees alone without telling anyone and having one of them “fall wrong”—on him!) I also battled my own raging case of hives, which I’d never experienced before, accompanied by scary angioedema so bad it was moving into anaphylaxis. Now the plagued hives return at intervals, but now also I carry an epipen.

So, I don’t have control of all events.  But I can have an aim. And my aim this December is Peace in Christ.

Peace to you also.


6 thoughts on “Does it Surprise You?

  1. I understand your desire to have peace in Christ. Have you heard of the challenge to read a chapter of Luke each night until Christmas Eve? I was reminded of it at a women’s meeting this morning. (Dec.2nd) I came home and read chapter one this afternoon. That puts me on track.

    1. Hi Cecelia!
      No, I haven’t heard of that challenge, but it sounds like a good one! Luke has so much about the Nativity, and so much humanity in it, seems like an excellent reading plan for Advent. Thanks for sharing that!

    1. And so good to hear from you, too, dear friend!
      A blessed “Advent” to you!

    1. Yeah, not that easy to come by, huh? Seems like we have to battle for peace, mentally anyhow, doesn’t it? I find I’m fighting off the distractions at this point, and that itself seems counter-intuitive to gaining peace. Maybe the best way is to focus on Him and His Advent and His peace, and the distractions and preoccupations will drop away, or at least fall into their proper positions of relative unimportance under it.. A blessed Advent to you, Kel!

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