It’s been a bad year for maple syrup up in these parts.

And for my blogging. The flow just wouldn’t go.

Nobody’s boiling,” is the maple word on the (frozen) grapevine.  This winter’s begrudging conditions have been making it hard for me to get the creative juices flowing as well.

Who would expect a November “break” from blogging to turn into three more months of non-productivity? But, like maple sap, writing can freeze up and stay that way. Life in general around here this late winter seems to have hit a frustrating stall. People I meet, even strangers on the street or at the doctors’ office, strike up a complaining conversation about the weariness of a winter that just won’t quit, despite its tiny hints of false hope that it will.

The problem with the maples isn’t that thaws haven’t happened. The snow has melted off most of the lawn in repeated cycles, between the repeated icings and snowfalls. And it isn’t that the warmth hasn’t ever lasted for more than one day. The grass even started greening temporarily a couple of times. What’s wrong is these maples’ great hungering need… for sun.

The locally knowledgeable say that unless that sun pours down and bathes the maples’ upper branches in its light, the syrup below won’t be drawn up, up, out of its confines in their roots. And this has been a predominantly sunless pre-spring.

But look what I saw this morning!

I need sun, too. And Son. Without the former, vitamin D languishes, and human energy and health flags with it. Without the latter, spiritual life wilts and lies dormant.

So I think I’ll take a walk today, out on the rises, and lift up my crown and my upper limbs to both sun and Son and invite a soaking. Then I’ll come in and review the trickles of creativity that did happen in the temporary thaws and occasional sun blooms of this long winter, like the following droplet of a collage…

“If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less, but to dream more, to dream all the time.” -Marcel Proust

…and finally hit that “publish” button. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Treetops, Sun, and “Flow”

    1. Thanks so much for this encouragement, Lynn. I always enjoy hearing from you. A warm and lovely spring to you, too!

    1. Sometimes it seems a long time coming, doesn’t it, Hazel? I hope and pray that your weather will be sweet–and non-threatening–out your way, too.

    1. He does that, Donna, doesn’t He? Thanks for visiting, and commenting.
      Blessings to you.

  1. I love that last journal collage page…I miss reading blogs regularly! Especially seeing dear journal and poetry friends! Catching up on a Saturday…;)

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