I purposed when I first sat down to slow my going, to savor line by line, to make Selah pauses to soak up words, and muse…


And so I did, and as I moved from phrase to phrase, suddenly I saw the psalm in front of me as never before, as a magnificent piece of wise instruction!

And I uttered, right out loud there, by myself, in my supposed quiet space, “Wow! What a To-Do list!”



Psalms are songs…

Sometimes psalms are prayers.

Sometimes psalms are hallelujah shouts of wild exuberance,

Sometimes words to voice our griefs, permission to sob and moan,

Sometimes balm to a bruised, battered soul.

Sometimes psalms are epic recollections of the wonders God has done.

And sometimes, sometimes, psalms are guides–to life more abundant and vibrant,

Step by beautiful step.


Psalm 105 is one of these last gems, in its opening lines, capped off by its final three words.

Just for joy, imagine it this morning as your to-do list for the day.

And then, more than imagine. Make it your list. Start with the first, move on to the second–or switch their order–and slow as you go. Put yesterday’s gifts into the first, your present day’s plans into the second. Do the third, and fifth, wherever you happen to be, even in your home. Tell yourself if there’s no one else to tell. Maybe even copy out these lines and check them off. Maybe again and again.

I dare you. (smile)

To Do Today:

-Give thanks to the LORD!

-Call upon His name;

-Make known His deeds among the peoples!

-Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him;

-Talk of all His wondrous works!

-Glory in His holy name;

-Let [your] heart rejoice [as you] seek the LORD!

-Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face evermore

-Remember His marvelous works which He has done, His wonders, and the judgments of His mouth,

-Praise the LORD!

Psalm 105:1-5,45 NKJV

I dare you to try these as you go about whatever you go about today. And I dare say they need not hinder any legitimate to-do list, but, woven in and out of it like threads of light, more likely will just enhance it .

Will you take the Psalm 105 Dare?

2 thoughts on “A To-Do List Worth Doing (A Dare)

  1. Sylvia- I never noticed this before in the Psalms…thanks for the dare and your insights!

    1. My pleasure, Kel. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the book of Psalms in the past year or so, especially during prayer times, and I’ve come to shake my head in awe over all they have to offer that I’ve missed in the past. Wonderful rich “treasury,” as Spurgeon called it. Happy daring! I’m back here this morning to keep this list of dares in front of me for the day myself!

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