So I asked the question. Asked it of myself as well as him: “If you were one of the churches of Revelation 2 and 3, which one would you be, right now? Which church description would fit you best?


This was back during the year of that “time capsule” journal I told about two posts back. It was our last home schooling year. He was a high school senior, a good head taller than I, and standing well on his own two feet, but we still did this, started off our day with something Bible.

We were exploring and pondering the first few chapters of that great apocalyptic book, using an interesting study guide from Discipleship magazine. Now we’d come to the revealed Christ’s message to the different churches, and I thought this would be a good guiding question to keep the whole study close to our own individual lives.

I couldn’t answer for him. Quite frankly, I don’t remember how he responded. But I know the answer I quickly arrived at for myself–because it troubled me, a lot.

I’ll share that answer tomorrow along with the “What can I do about it?” struggle that followed.

But first I thought I’d give you the chance to explore the question for yourself…

Seven churches were named, addressed, and described.

Ephesus, in Revelation 2:2-6

Smyrna, in Rev 2:9-10

Pergamos, in Rev 2:13-16

Thyatira, in Revelation 2:19-25

Sardis, in Revelation 3:1-5

Philadelphia, in Revelation 3:8-10

Laodicea, in Revelation 3:14-19

You can read the passages right here, in the NKJV, by hovering over the references, or in fuller context in your own Bible, or by clicking on the reference above.

Go ahead and give it a think. It may do you a world of good to consider as we embark on the second month of this momentous new year. It certainly did me good that’s lasted, right up to the present hour!