When I see this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt word “season,” I think of seasoning.

Was I supposed or expected to think of fall and winter and seasons of life, I wonder, and isn’t it odd that I didn’t at first? This year I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the season of life I now occupy.

But that topic is far too big and demanding to address in 5 minutes anyway, and I have several posts on it already planned in my mind.

Seasoning, on the other hand, surprises me, and pulls my mind, and heart, along on an unplanned trail…


I want a well-seasoned life, my heart immediately tells me.

But what does that mean? What seasoning do I need? I love the fragrance of cinnamon and cloves, the taste of many green herbs and garlic and onions… But, um, hmmm…

Scripture says (Jesus or an Apostle?) said, “Let your conversation/speech be seasoned… with salt.” [I check after the time’s up and see it was Paul, in Colossians.]



Doesn’t seem much, does it? But when foods are really good quality, that’s all they may need.

Salt adds its own “flavor,” but it also brings out the flavor of whatever is there.

Some seasonings only cover up what’s there, trying to make the mediocre more palatable, or even to hide the fact that a food’s not worth eating or even about ready to go bad.

Instead, salt helps preserve the good in a healthy fresh food, keeping it palatable over time, keeping it from spoiling. Jesus called His followers “the salt of the earth” and warned them not to let their “saltiness” diminish and disappear, leaving them no good for anything but to be thrown out.

This teaching went right along with Him calling first Himself, then His followers “the light of the world. As the light we have is really only Him in us, isn’t He also my salt, the preserver and enhancer I need… for every season of my life?

Yes, I think so!


[When I check on the salted speech passage after time’s up, and find it’s Colossians 4:6, I also see that it equates salt with grace, the thing we need always in our speech, in our actions. So yes, where do we get that good seasoning but from Him, the constant, and constantly needed, supply!]


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  1. I linked up after you at FMF, which is funny because my mind went to “salt of the earth” instead of Christmas season or season of life so we’re posting similar thoughts today!

    1. I see from reading your post how right you are, Charlie! Thanks for visiting!

    1. Yep, Tondra Denise. I just went to that post, and right you are!
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