People really do go around in circles when lost, in woods or deserts, at least under cloudy skies [obscuring reference points], although no one’s been able to figure out why.
“When lost in the woods, or deserts, or mountains and valleys of life, the wisest thing to do is stop right where you are and be still. Send up signals for rescue and wait to be found.”
[From  the last post.]

He sees. He knows. He reaches down with love and and grace and gives us the reference point we need: Himself.

After wandering the forest of a week, what blessing in the stilling, in seeing the Reference Point re-emerge more clearly into view!

A blessed weekend to all who read.


“Be still, and know that I am God…” (Ps 46:10)


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11 thoughts on “What to Do When Lost in the Woods

    1. Will do, Janis—God willing, of course! 😉 Thank you, and God bless.

    1. Yep, Shelly, that He is. THE reference point we need.
      And thanks for providing your link-up!
      Blessings to you this new year!

  1. Anyone not following Him, or even when we take our eyes off of Him, is indeed lost. Thanks for the reminder to look with our hearts and souls first. The eyes deceive us. Blessings to you as well.

    1. Yes, it’s surprising to me, Floyd, how quickly I can get off course when I have taken my eyes off Him. God bless!

    1. Mary, I just stopped and sat me down right where I was today, in the middle of my “woods,” too. At first nothing significant seemed to come of it, but then, as I kept quiet and looked and waited for His presence, the confusion slowly fell away, and I gained my “landmark” again. Praying the same for you, dear sister.

  2. Being still is an absolute necessity in my life… and I’m a knee-jerker, so it’s not always easy to focus in the right “God” direction. Thanks. Good reminder.

    1. Joanne, I’m not so much a knee-jerker, but I can often be a blurter-outer, and that makes stopping and being still in tongue as was well as body and mind a necessity in my life. The God focus: that’s the needed reference point for sure!

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