Morning surprises. I pull back the window curtains, to face the day. What I face is a sky still stuck on night out there. A chill wedge of white moon hangs in the black. Frost hills and valleys decorate the window pane—on the inside.  I push down the sash to scent the air frost—but quickly push it up again. Yet before I turn from the window, I stand just a little bit longer, stand and look out at January, at horizon and sky, expecting nothing extraordinary.

Then suddenly it flashes past like a jet-propelled twinkle. A shooting star! A big and bright one, but with arcing so brief that an hour later I almost doubt it was what it was.

God moments are like that sometimes. A bright flash here and then dissolved into the black,  stealing your breath as much as chill air, yet leaving you feeling a little later that maybe you just imagined it.

That’s why I’m writing down God moments as soon as I can get to my journal or computer or mini-notebook these days, recording it just as it is before I doubt it even was, even though I still might doubt that it was what it was.

I need to in this cold dark winter of time and globe and soul. Elizabeth at Just Following Jesus in My Real Life says, “Winter never lasts forever.” But sometimes it seems like it will. It feels stuck, and so do I, like a frozen slug on some metaphoric ice jam, though time itself keeps tick-ticking by. 

“Watch for the God moments, the fact of His presence,” I instruct myself. “Keep AWARE! And note them down as soon as they flash by. Or by evening and the coming deeper dark, you will have forgotten.”

What God moments have flashed past you this week?


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10 thoughts on “On Saving the Surprises

  1. I wrote about God moments on my blog yesterday …..if there is breath in me, there is a God moment to be written about, shared.
    Lovely post. Blessings on your day.

    1. Wow, Donna! I knew we had a lot in common, but I didn’t know our minds would be working along on the same theme in the same time frame like that. My! Yesterday was loaded with “God-incidents” for me, and here was another one I didn’t even know about. So glad you left this comment. Beautiful thought in it, too, for me to remember.

  2. Capturing those moments when they happen–that is smart. And takes a lot of self-discipline. I admire you for it. I want to do better at it myself because when I don’t write it down, sometimes those moments are gone forever….

    1. It goes with my intended focus for the year, Lisa: to become more “aware” of God’s presence, “aware” the “one word” I’ve chosen to remind me. It is taking self-discipline, but I’m already finding it well worth the effort. I’ve noticed so many of these little “God moments” already before one month is over, I think there must have been a lot of them happening in and around my life all along, but I was missing them!

  3. Sylvia, I love it when God gives us moments like these — they are like little love notes straight from our Abba. I have started carrying my journal around in my purse in hopes of capturing moments like these… because I am so prone to forget if I don’t write things down.

    So glad you linked up today at Thought-Provoking Thursday! 🙂

    1. Hey, Lyli, we’re right on the same path! They are like little notes from our Abba, aren’t they? What a delight! I’m so glad I linked up, too. Thank you for providing the opportunity.

  4. How lovely to view a shooting star. It has been many years since we saw one. Perhaps if I would go out more at night they would be there.
    As kids we would lay on the grass at the top of the hill where the grave yard was, and actually count them as they fell.

    1. Hazel, that makes me think of how my son does the same thing sometimes on summer nights, only right in his small fenced-in city back yard. He sees a lot of them, too. Seems there’s a spiritual lesson in this, don’t you think?

  5. love these moments, and love watching the stars in the sky, and sometimes catch a shooting star, sometimes I wonder if anyone else had caught that same moment with me, I always say, look what we see when our focus is on Him and how much we miss when its not!

    1. Exactly, Bobbi! Exactly! I was just sitting here thinking how many momentous moments I’ve noticed simply because I could hardly miss them: they practically hit me in the face, and wondering what a huge lot I may have missed because they were more subtle and I wasn’t really paying attention.
      Love you, sister.

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