Writing on the Five Minute Friday prompt, PRESENT…


The present IS a present, every moment of it.

A present from, a present to…

A present from God, with all the colored wrappings of sky blue and grass green and clay brown and sand gold, of outsides and insides of thoughts and enjoyments.

And a present to pass on, to give back.

Each of my moments is just what I have to offer back to Him. When I savor with gratitude the delight of the minute and lift my heart in thanks to Him for it, I give the moment, a thank offering. When I do the smallest service with no ambition for personal greatness, I give Him a pure gift of self and humility and Romans 12:1’s best and most reasonable offering.

I think of Brother Lawrence who learned to make his life a continual offering of “doing little things for the love of God…”

I think of Mother Teresa’s saying that instead of trying to do great things for God we should do small things with great love…

That is what makes them a gift. A great gift. And that is what brings them down to the moment by moment. If I just wipe a counter, I just wipe a counter. But if I wipe it with love  for the Father, and for any who might enter the moment and see either mess and debris and disorder, or order and clean and shine, I honor the God of order and shining beauty and bless those who happen by, be they heavenly or human beings… and am much blessed in this myself.

I am learning from people like Brother Lawrence to offer each small act of service in my day, my hour, my minute, as a love gift to God, and in that I live a present, a living sacrifice…


5 thoughts on “The Living Present

  1. FMF visitor — these were wonderful words. I like all your uses of “present,” not just being in the moment, and receiving a gift, but also giving the gift of the moment in return. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Natalie, for your visit and comment. I’m so glad we ended up side-by-side at FMF and I got to meet you. Blessings to you in the “presents” of today!

  2. Hi Sylvia
    Yes, the size never matters, but the heart filled with love that makes a present truly a gift.
    Luv XX

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