Mountain air. That’s what’s out here on this porch in early morning—often. It has a quality that overrides my reflexive cringing from its coolness. And so I slip out into it as if immersing into a different world, an ocean of multi bird song, near and distant and all lengths between; of creek-water movement, constant in the background, of dewed leaves dripping reflected light.

Even the sudden crow caw startling nearby fits this world.

For I am in mountain air again, the child at the mountain lodge where Daddy had a share and we were there alone, just our little family, and he’d brought from the stream below native brook trout, early caught, and cleaned them, and Mother dredged them in flour and fried them up for breakfast, in the iron skillet, on the Coleman stove.

How appropriate, that out-of-sync breakfast menu, in that setting so out-of-sync with our everyday world, which even back then kept picking up speed and baggage we weren’t giving a thought—only to the multi bird song, near and distant, of creek-water rushing, constant in the background, and the taste of native (not stocked!) trout impossibly fresh and eaten in the cool of early morning mountain air, taste remembrance on my buds as I tell it, best fish I’ve ever had, I’d claim it.

Or maybe it was just the appetite freshened by that mountain air.

Lord, freshen my appetite this morning for Your Spirit and Your Word, Your presence and Your ways, so out-of-sync with the world beyond this moment’s circle. Blessed is everyone who puts his trust in You.



…And thank You for “mountain air.”

~And sunlight shadows, early…

~For multi bird song, near and far

~And phoebe (or peewee?) singing in the yard (lovely two-note melody, so clear)

~For blessed scripture bathing me like good cool air

~For hummingbird visitors at feeders and flowers

~And flash of oriole orange between branches

~For time to be out of sync with the mad mad world

~And (especially) for quiet within.


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15 thoughts on “In “Mountain Air”

  1. There is nothing like the mountain air and the beautiful views to bring you closer to God. Every time we step foot on our property, we feel the peace. Beautiful.


    1. Mm, you know what it’s like then, Kim. Yes, I love the feel of the air itself and the sense of peace that usually goes with it.

  2. Dear Sylvia
    I am so blessed to live about 200 Meyers from the beach. Every morning we wake up hearing the waves and smelling that fresh sea breeze. With you I can just be so grateful for our Pappa’s wonderful provision.
    Much live XX

  3. Thank you for sharing a breath of Mountain air with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” I was drawn back to mountain top experiences in the Bible. A few had some mementous times up on the mountain. Moses. Jesus, his disciples, and a few others. May we all take a deep breath and enjoy the view and the air from there.

  4. exactly. what. I. needed. again. So thankful for your influence in my life. Heading out to the porch….

  5. Laurie,
    Ha! Oh, good! I’m sure this IS just what you need right now! God bless your porch time!

  6. Mia,
    Ah, yes, that salt sea air! Nothing quite like it! I’ve read it’s supposed to cleanse the atmosphere. That’s how the “mountain” air seems to do for me, too. How blessed indeed, His provision to us!

  7. Hi Hazel!
    Actually, I linked the next story, about porcupines… But I couldn’t find the linky at your site. (Maybe it’ll appear later.) Thanks for this comment, giving me new thought: connecting those mountain air mornings with the mountaintop experiences in the Bible! I think that one’s going to stick with me.

  8. Yes, Tereasa, it’s like this at “the lake,” too. May God bless you with a very lovely and relaxing time there!

  9. What a blessing to be thankful for the great gifts and the smallest ones as they fly by… and the word of the Lord tells the story from beginning to end… Beautiful post.

  10. It is indeed a blessing, Floyd, straight from Him, like all the rest. And yes, they do fly by, don’t they?

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